21 Useful Things That Make Travel Easier

List of items to make travel easier

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Are you ready to travel? I know I am. After a year of not knowing if it’s safe to travel, where to travel, what the travel restrictions are, I know that I need everything I can get my hands on to make travel easier. Are you with me?

The following is a list of items that we use to make travel easier. It includes items that are perfect for travel during a pandemic so that you can travel more safely. Plus, with so many things to think about, why not make it as easy on yourself and your family but adding a few of these items to your packing list.

This list includes things the whole family can use. Plus, I’ve added items that work for camping, road trips, and air travel.

I am recommending items both at Amazon and REI. With REI, you can order online or order and pick up in the store.

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Shampoo Sheets

Do you know what shampoo sheets are? They are handy wipe like clothes that dissolve when wet to use as shampoo. You can also find conditioner, hand soap, shaving sheets, and body wash.

These work great for air travel when you can only pack 1 oz liquids. However, I like them for camping and road trips too because they take up a lot less space. Each pack in these sets here comes with 50 sheets.

Shampoo Bars

Similar to shampoo sheets for traveling, shampoo bars also get around that 1-ounce liquid limitation. I like these better than the sheets, to be honest, but they do take up a bit more space because they are similar to a bar of soap. I would also recommend getting a soap dish box for each shampoo bar or conditioner bar you buy also.

Packing Cubes

Oh, packing cubes. When I remember to use them, I love them. I have bought so many over the years and I really like the ones that are compression, allowing me to squeeze in more, as well as color coordinate for each member of the family. I’ve never quite figured out how and why to use the packs that come in a variety of sizes, other than the small for underwear.

Sunscreen wipes

Have you seen sunscreen wipes? I’m all for the lotion normally, but sometimes that’s just not feasible when you’re packing. Sunscreen wipes work like a wipe with lotion to wipe down with sunscreen instead. Easy to use on kids, easy to pack, these babies are perfect to keep in the car all the time. Sunscreen wipes are another way to make travel easier by getting around that airline liquid restriction, as well as saving space when you’re camping.

Bug repellant wipes

Just like the sunscreen wipes above, bug repellant wipes or bug spray wipes also save space and make it easy to apply.

Sand Free towel

I’m in love with my sand free towel from Tesalate. It’s a quick-dry, sand doesn’t stick, towel that folds up nicely and lives in my car. We use it for the beach, picnics, camping, you name it. it also makes a great blanket on the plane as it folds down nice and small.

Waterproof phone case

If you have any travel activities that involve water, a waterproof phone case is a must. I like getting the waterproof cases that are a waterproof bag for my phone. yes, I could get a case that allows my phone to be submerged (although most newer phones are water-resistant for a certain depth anyway. However, with the bag style, I can also throw my keys in the bag, with the phone, and secure the string to my kayak. This way, it won’t accidentally drop to the bottom somewhere and be lost forever.

Motion Sickness Relief Band

Do you get airsick or car sick? Maybe you are doing theme park adventures with the kids. This motion sickness anti-nausea wristband works to reduce all of that. Be sure to read the reviews, as it works for most people. I have not tried one of these myself. However, from what I’ve read these work better than the simple bands and there’s no need to take medication.

Portable Clothes Line

this is one of those really simple, but invaluable things to make traveling easier. A portable clothesline is great for hotels to hang your wet bathing suits. Same for washing and drying clothes at the campsite. This one is perfect because there are no clothespins needed. Simply thread your clothes through the braided cord which will grip.

RFID wallet

One thing that you don’t want to happen when you’re traveling is have your identity stolen. Make travel and day to day easier with an RFID blocking wallet. I’ve been very happy with my wallet from Travelon and this style works as both a clutch and wallet. Plus it has space for your phone.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Whether you’re on a plane or your kids are watching movies in the back of a car for road trips, noise canceling headphones make a world of difference in escaping the noise around you. Use to watch shows, or put on meditation music to get some sleep.

You can certainly spend a lot of money on Beats or Bose Headphones, but the link below is listed as one of Amazon’s best buys and has a lot of great reviews. for the money, these make a great starter pair, especially for kids.

Headphone Splitter

Want to listen or watch the same thing on one device, get a headphone splitter. This one works for the newer iPhone jacks with traditional headphone jacks.

Amazon Echo

Yep, I like to travel with our Amazon Echo. You can read more as to why here, but it’s a handy thing to have in the hotel room or at the campsite. Play music, set reminders, check the weather and so much more. I think the 3rd Gen version is easier to travel with.

CrazyCap Travel Water Bottle

You may think that any travel water bottle will make your life easier. But the CrazyCap Travel Water Bottle is my favorite because of the built-in UV technology that disinfects the water and surfaces. Worried about germs when you travel, take this water bottle and use the cap to pass the UV light over doorknobs and frequently touched surfaces for better peace of mind. You can read my full review here.


Yes, masks are going to be around for a while. Might as well stash a few in your carry-on and travel bags. My go-to is Etsy for unique travel themed masks.

Lanyard for Masks

Did you know they make lanyards for masks? Especially useful for kids, these mask lanyards work great when you’re traveling. Making a lot of stops when you drive, simply pull down your mask but always have it with you when you hop in and out of the car.

Trtl Head Rest

I am not a huge fan of those travel pillows. You know the bulky things that go around your neck? Enter the Trtl Travel Pillow. To start, this folds down a lot nicer than those bigger pillows and takes up less space in your luggage, hello easy! It’s adjustable, machine washable, and only weighs half a pound. The best part, however, this supports your neck in a much better position than those other pillows. If you want to take a snooze as the passenger in a car, this works too. And they make a junior version for kids.

Essential Oil Roll-ons

Sometimes you just need something that takes the stress away. That’s why I like the essential oil roll ons from Revive Essential Oils. They are small enough to fit in a bag, less than 1 ounce. Revive is comparable to Young Living and doTerra and have been held to the same testing. Better yet, they are more affordable and offer free shipping.

My favorites for traveling are:

Power Bank

Never be without a charged cell phone or tablet when you have a power bank. Better yet, do one better and never need to charge your power bank when you use a Goal Zero solar charging power bank. Make sure you get one that’s powerful enough to charge what you want it to. This one recharges both by solar or any USB port.

Power Converter

Have you been on a long trip in the car and needed to plug your laptop in? Do it with a power converter. These are handy little converters that plug into the car plug and allow you to use regular 3 prong plugs as well as additional USB ports.


Have you ever lost your keys? What about your luggage? I am in love with our Tiles that we have on our keychains and can attach to our luggage, allowing us to track and ping where the items may be. I like the essentials pack, as you could use the slim card to slip inside your luggage or wallet.

What are your favorite items to make travel easier? Did I miss any? Drop me a comment below and I’ll be glad to add.

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