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Hey, I’m Tonya, the navigator of this detail-obsessed blog.

About Tonya

Tonya grew up in Western Michigan but now lives with her husband and two teenagers in Central Florida.

She grew up performing in local theatres and share that with her daughter. From time to time, you can still find her performing with her community theater.

She has always loved traveling and possibly loves the planning of travel even more. Making out their family travel calendars and researching where they are going is what drives her. She loves finding the hidden gems.

Tonya writes for travel agencies, destination management companies, and online retail organizations. She writes web copy, blog posts, email newsletters, features, and round-ups.

Tonya is a featured writer for Purple Light Vacations.

Featured In

A few of her favorite things:

  • 90s grunge
  • 80s movies
  • Coffee
  • Local breweries
  • Theme parks
  • Sandy beaches
  • Harry Potter books and movies
  • Reading
  • Road trips

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Why Detail Oriented Traveler

Detail Oriented Traveler helps busy moms find the educational and interesting straight-forward details in their travels in order to get more out of the ordinary experiences. They travel beyond the cookie cutter vacations in order to broaden their worldview while creating lifelong memories and points of discussion.

Tonya’s passion is helping other families do the same.

Tonya has found so many moms that want a unique and authentic vacation but don’t have the time to plan it. Her passion is travel planning and finding those hidden gems.

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About Wally

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Wally and Tonya met long before the days of cell phones when we both might have had an AOL account. He’s the Hufflepuff of our group: hardworking, loyal and devoted to our family. He easily goes along with pretty much any adventure we dream up. One thing you may not know about him, he’s a former infantry Marine. Hoo rah.

A few of his likes:

  • Tampa Bay Bucs football
  • Ice cream
  • Local brews
  • A properly poured Guinness
  • Anything Irish
  • Learning new technologies

About Noah

Noah is our family historian. As a true Ravenclaw, he devours books and loves studying history. He’s also played soccer since he was 4 and hopes to pursue a career in soccer when he graduates.

His favorite things

  • Harry Potter
  • Pizza
  • online video games
  • playing cards with friends
  • ancient history

About Gloria

Moving Pictures at Shutterbuttons in Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Gloria is our true performer of the family. She has been dancing, singing and acting since she could walk and talk. She enjoys jazz, tap, ballet, and singing barbershop. And while she may be a Slytherin, she’s also an avid reader. It’s likely she will publish several books one day.

Her favorite things:

  • Murder mysteries
  • Broadway shows
  • Acting
  • Good food and baking
  • Writing
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“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

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