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Hi, I’m tonya,

the navigator of this detail obsessed blog.

Who I am is a map-crazed, detail-oriented obsessive planner who likes to learn the tiny tidbits of the places I’m heading to. I’m the planner, the organizer, the type A if you will. If you’re willing to drive, I’ll discover the hidden gems along the way.

Come along with me as I help you travel more with your kids before they grow up and move out!

Work with Tonya

Tonya Denmark is an expert in planning travel with busy families. She is a wife and mother to two teenagers. She knows her time with kids at home is limited and finds the best way to spend more time with her family is through travel. Tonya shares with her readers how to plan travel, fit more travel into a busy lifestyle, travel with teenagers, and find hidden and unexpected gems along the way.

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