The Best Travel Water Bottle – A CrazyCap Bottle Review

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How many water bottles do you have lying around your house? I don’t know about you, but in my family of four, we probably have at least two dozen reusable bottles. And while that’s great, we’re not buying a lot of plastic water bottles, just how many reusable ones does one person need? Well, I’ve recently discovered that I just need one. The CrazyCap Bottle is now my portable travel water bottle of choice. And I don’t just use it for travel. I drink from this bottle daily and sanitize my home with it. Sounds weird but also cool, right? Read on and I’ll tell you why I’m in love with my CrazyCap Travel Water Bottle.

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Why You Need a Reusable Travel Water Bottle

Prior to 2020, we used to travel a lot. And by travel, I mean road trip. One of the ways I save money on road trips and travel is not spending an exorbitant amount on plastic water bottles. While it’s convenient, it sure is not eco-friendly, and the costs add up.

Enter reusable travel water bottles. However, as I mentioned above, we seem to be collecting them. So when I came across the CrazyCap Bottle, I originally thought, why do I need yet another reusable bottle? There’s a reason it’s called The CrazyCap and even more reasons why I’m thrilled about owning one.

Why Choose The CrazyCap Bottle

First off, let me tell you what the CrazyCap Water Bottle does. Simply put, it cleans water. More than that, it uses UV LED light in the cap (hence the crazy cap name) to sterilize your water.

Backed by a lot of science, the cap uses deep UV to completely kill microbes and pathogens. It prevents germ growth inside the bottle and uses zero mercury.

It’s third party tested. If you want the science reports, simply pop on over to their site to read the EPA tests.

Why It’s the Best Water Bottle for Road Trips

Why then is the CrazyCap the best travel water bottle, especially for road trips? Because of all the fancy UV LED science, you’re not only saving money by using a reusable water bottle, you know you’re drinking safe water for you and your family.

Plus, it’s truly easy to use. Simply fill your water bottle from any source, as long as it’s debris free. From their website, as long as the water is transparent, you’re good to go.

Screw on the CrazyCap, making sure it’s tight and properly sealed. Tap the cap twice for water from tap and public fountains. For Crazy mode tap it 5 times. Normal mode takes approximately one minute and Crazy Mode is complete in two.

Bonus feature… the CrazyCap fits not just the bottles you can buy directly from their site, but also most 9oz, 12oz, and 17oz travel water bottles. That way if you own a couple of dozen water bottles like we do, you can purchase the CrazyCap only, or get their full-size bottle. The cap is compatible with S’well, Mira, Simple|Modern, and Chilly’s water bottles to name a few.

I have filled my CrazyCap bottle from both a stream while hiking as well as from bathroom sinks at road trip rest stops. I felt perfectly safe knowing that it’s FDA certified and the deep UV is completely killing microbes and pathogens.

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Extra Precautions UV Rays Provide

We’re living in a time that cleanliness and sanitation are at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Can the CrazyCap kill Coronavirus? According to an article from the BBC, UV rays kill microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. Since the CrazyCap is a UV light, it stands to reason that yes, the UVC light not only sanitizes your water but your surfaces too. Read more about the studies behind this here.

Where to Buy the CrazyCap Bottle

Buy direct at TheCrazyCap website, with free shipping for orders over $75. Here you can buy full bottles with the CrazyCap included, or just the CrazyCap itself for use in your favorite travel water bottle.

Alternatively, buy the CrazyCap Bottle at the following:

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