How to Stay Healthy while Traveling

How do you stay healthy while traveling? Here's some insight and tips that have worked for us.

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How are you doing on your New year’s resolutions? I know it’s a month in and most of us have given up, right?

But if you’re really trying to stay healthy, doing it while traveling is challenging. Since I have gotten into a routine this month and traveled this last week, I thought I’d put together some advice I’ve followed on how I try to stay healthy while traveling.


When we’re driving, we plan ahead at least for what we eat while we’re on the road. We pack a cooler full of sandwiches and healthy fruits and snacks, so we don’t have to turn to the drive-through.

Beyond that, we try to book hotels with kitchens if at all possible, or an Airbnb. When we do this, we can control a little more of what we eat. Even if you’re without a car, you can get groceries delivered. We did this in Boston and it was simply wonderful.

You can take this one step further and plan ahead for the restaurants you’ll visit. It’s easy to order the first thing that looks good. But if you go in knowing that you’ll order the healthy option on the menu, and what that option is, you can feel more in control.

Even having a back up plan, such as getting a digestive aid is a good idea. Plus, it may not be as expensive as you may think. Get your Nucific offers here to save money and stay healthy.

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Generally, you’ll get more exercise while you’re traveling. We tend to walk more, do active adventures, hike, etc. However, if you’re looking to squeeze in a tougher workout, it’s possible.

Of course, there’s always the hotel gym. And generally, I’m not a big fan of them. Yet more hotels are focusing on wellness, so it’s worth checking out.

Alternatively, why not go for a run/walk outdoors. You’ll get a different view of the city you’re visiting and my spot something new to check out. One of my favorite and more challenging ways to run is on the beach. Even though I’m not a great runner, the beach is calming and pushes me further.

Back in the hotel room, use a workout anywhere apps. My favorite is Daily Burn. I have been a member for years and enjoy the DB 365, which is a different workout every day. You can also choose from yoga to more intense workouts, easy to hard, and by length.

Be a part of my Daily Burn Community and get one month free!


One of the keys to staying healthy and getting fit is having some accountability. It’s easy to give yourself excuses. Maybe your spouse, BFF, or personal trainer can help you stay motivated while you’re traveling.

One of my favorite apps right now is DietBet and StepBet. Essentially, you bet money to meet your weight or step goals. If you met your goals, you’ll get a payout of the pot. You’ll never earn less than what you bet. Often the different games have bonus prizes, and there’s a community of support. However, for me, I’m not in it to win money, but I sure as heck don’t want to lose money. This is how I’m staying accountable and helps me focus to stay healthy while traveling.


Above all, don’t beat yourself up. If you’re working to stay healthy on a regular basis, relaxing on vacation shouldn’t stress you out. Eat that cannoli in Boston that you can’t get anywhere else.

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Do you have ways you stay healthy while traveling? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks. Please comment below on what you do.

How do you stay healthy while traveling? Here's some insight and tips that have worked for us.

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