9 Tested Reasons Why Travelers Need an Amazon Prime Account

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Amazon Prime Day is coming soon. It will be a great day to stock up on some of your travel essentials with a day and a half of deals and promotions.

It may seem self-serving to tell you why you need an Amazon Prime Account, as I am an affiliate. That means I get a commission for the following links at no cost to you. That said, however, I do believe travelers can benefit from an Amazon Prime account. And while we all know you get 2-day shipping with Prime, there are more benefits. Even if you do have Amazon Prime, read on to see a few tips and tricks you may not know about.

Amazon Photos

My number one reason I love Amazon Prime is the unlimited photo storage. Unlimited. That means all my vacation photos are stored in the cloud. Plus, I can share with friends and family, display on my Amazon FireTV, and of course, order prints to be delivered in 2 days.


With Amazon Prime, you can read books for free two different ways. First, you’re able to “check out” one book or magazine a month. And the books come with Audible so you can switch to listening in the car for road trips.

Secondly, Amazon Prime Account members get to choose one book to keep each month through Amazon First Reads. Choose from a selection of 6-8 books.

Kindle Unlimited

Speaking of books, if you need more than one book a month, go for Kindle Unlimted. While you don’t need Prime for this feature, there is a special offer for Prime Day. This is another way to get unlimited Audible Audiobooks as well. If you’re not a Kindle Unlimited member now, you can get 1 free month. This is something I always do for the kids on road trips.


Don’t want the reading, but just the audiobooks for the road or flight? Get two free downloads for an Audible Membership.

Amazon Music

Amazon Prime comes with free streaming of music as well. With no ads. Since I’m already paying for Prime, I don’t pay more for Spotify, even though I do like their services too. I can set up playlists and download for offline listening. Amazon also offers more music via Music Unlimited. And yes, you guessed it for Prime Day there’s a special offer!

Amazon Video

We haven’t even gotten to video yet! With Amazon Prime you get original programming and hundreds of movies to watch. Have a hotspot or WiFi in the car? Amazon Video could be a great source of things to watch while traveling.

Prime Pantry & Amazon Fresh

If you’re traveling within the United States, it’s nice to have healthy food options available in your room or home rental. One way to do this is to pack your own food, but if you’re flying this isn’t always a feasible option. Another option, if you have Amazon Prime, is to get snacks and food delivered. You can do this one of two ways.

Prime Pantry, according to the website,

Prime members can pay an additional monthly Prime Pantry membership fee to receive FREE shipping on all orders of $40 or more, or pay a flat $7.99 shipping fee for each order placed. The quantity of items in the order or the number of boxes will not affect the flat $7.99 fee per order.

You can order plenty of dry goods, drinks, snacks and more. This is a perfect way to stock up when you arrive… just have it shipped.

Amazon Fresh goes one step further and delivers produce, meat, dairy, and other potential perishables. This is not available in all areas, so check ahead before you rely on this as your food options while traveling.

Scroll to the end? Here are my top nine reasons why travelers need Amazon Prime.

  1. Amazon Photo
  2. Prime Books
  3. First Reads
  4. Kindle Unlimited
  5. Audible
  6. Amazon Music
  7. Prime Video
  8. Prime Pantry
  9. Amazon Fresh

10 thoughts on “9 Tested Reasons Why Travelers Need an Amazon Prime Account”

  1. I was not aware of the Prime Pantry or the Amazon Fresh. Both will come in handy because we usually have to find a local food store. Having it delivered will prevent the first day rushing to find a store issue.

  2. I agree with you a 1000%. I love my Prime membership and all the perks it comes with. I save tons on shipping and the Prie videos and photos are worth it alone. Great informative post.

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