What to Wear to the Beach – Salt Life Edition

women at beach wearing salt life tee and sitting on driftwood.

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How often when you’re traveling are you heading to the beach? Even if you’re not heading for a beach vacation, if you’re outdoors you still need sun protection and cute beach outfits. These are my favorite things to wear to the beach from Salt Life

Salt Life started in the Sunshine State, so they know a thing or two about what to wear to the beach and sun protection.

In fact, their apparel takes you from the boat to the beach and is constantly evolving to fit your needs.

This post is sponsored in part by Salt Life, however, all opinions are my own.

Salt Life


It should go without saying that if you’re going to the beach, you need swimwear and a bathing suit or two. Salt Life has a lot of mix and match styles, tops and bottoms, and one-pieces. The colors of Salt Life Swimwear are bright and fun for wearing to the beach.

You can check out all their styles here for women.

Board shorts for the men are here.

Sun Protection Tops – Rash Guard/ Swim Shirt

I never know what these are called. I always called the swim shirts but I also hear them called rash guards. Either way, these sun protection items for the beach are essential for an all-day outing.

Rash guards and swim shirts are a good choice as they are close-fitting and meant to be worn in the water.

These Salt Life performance gear tops not only work great as rash guards because they are performance gear, but they’re also great for working out as well.

I enjoyed my Salt Life performance top and felt comfortable wearing it over my swimwear as a beach cover up.

Find Salt Life Performance long sleeve tops here.

Even with sun protection tops, pack good sunscreen.

What to wear to the beach

Tops – Long Sleeve

If you’re not in the water, and still trying to figure out what to wear to the beach, Salt Life has looser-fitting lightweight long sleeve tops to protect you from the sun, and stay cool.

Their lightweight tops come in a mix of light colors, pretty pastels, and favorite grays. Beach vibe logos and sayings adorn the back showing you are part of the Salt Life community. go for the Tri-blends for the lightweight, but if the weather is cooler, it’s a good idea to grab a cotton hoodie or poncho.

If available, you can find my Sunshine State of Mind here.

woman sitting on beach watching waves wearing a salt life long sleeve tee.


I am in love with the Salt Life Performance leggings. Not only do these cover you for more sun protection, but they are also leggings MADE for going in the water. They come with a UPF 50 sun protection and moisture-wicking fabric.

Tops – Short Sleeves and Tank Tops

You’re at the beach, and when it’s warm you want short sleeves or even a tank top. Here is where Salt Life as a brand shines. They offer a lot of great options for casual beach outfits. You can truly embrace the salt life with fun logos, pretty pastel tie-dyes, and perfect soft beach color prints and solids.

What I like about Salt Life is that it’s both a brand and a way of life. It’s all about embracing the saltwater of the ocean waves.

Find their Short Sleeve graphic tees here.


Salt life also has a selection of hats to wear to the beach. Even in the cooler months, you can find beach-themed beanies.

Find Salt Life Hats here.

Sun Dresses

If you need a dress to wear to the beach for a casual or dressy night out, Salt Life captures the casual elegance of beach life.

Salt Life Dresses are here.

Face Shields

Salt Life Face Shields do more than just protect you similar to a mask. These face shields are breathable moisture-wicking fabric with UV 30 sun protection. Plus, it can work as a scarf, hairband, beanie, bandana, and more. At the beach or on a boat, these face shields also serve as wind protection.

Check these out for your future beach days.

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