25 Fun and Easy Games to Play at the Beach

kids in water playing beach games

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kids splahing water and playing beach games

I love a visit to the beach. However, I was never the girl who laid out to get a tan. I love to swim, build sandcastles, watch the sunset over the water, climb lighthouses, and generally play some fun beach games. To give you some inspiration, here’s a list of fun beach games you can play together as a family.

Easy Beach Games

These games just require a ball or a single piece of equipment.

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Games to Play in the Water at the Beach

  • Marco Polo
  • Water Tag
  • Dodge Ball – Playing in the water is harder to run away!
  • Inner Tube Target – Get some floating rings and beach balls and try to hit the target
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    Games to Play in the Sand

    • Tug of War – Use some Towels, draw a line in the sand, see who’s the strongest.
    • Collect Shells – Make this challenging for older kids by seeking out specific types of shells. For younger kids, give them certain colors to find.
    • Musical Beach Blankets – All you need is your phone and some tunes.
    • Tic Tac Toe – Draw a board in the sand. Use sticks for X and stone or shells for O.
    • Frisbee Target – Put a few circles in the sand and see who can come closest to the bullseye
    • Hopscotch
    • Beach Toss – This beautifully designed beach toss game is perfect for the sand. Sturdy ropes and bamboo pole make this a durable yet easy to play game.

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    More Fun Games

    These games require a little more equipment but can be hours of entertainment, especially for older kids who tire of digging in the sand.

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