How to Plan a Loving Couples Retreat – A Sample Itinerary

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Are you and your partner looking for a romantic getaway to reconnect and create special memories? A couples retreat itinerary is the perfect way to do this! Planning a couples retreat is a great way to spend quality time together, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Sometimes when we’re busy with the kids, it can be hard for couples to spend quality one-on-one time together. In this blog post, I have a few ideas on how to create and plan your own couples retreat complete with a sample itinerary. Plan your own romantic retreat!

Why couples should travel together

One of the biggest benefits of traveling together as a couple is having quality time together without the distractions of everyday life. When you take a couples retreat, it’s easy to leave your worries behind and just focus on your relationship. It’s a great way to reconnect and spend some much-needed alone time. Plus, you can use this time to focus on goals, plans, or anything else you might have been putting off due to lack of time or children’s obligations. 

Finally, traveling together can also be great for strengthening your bond as a couple. When you spend time together exploring new places and doing activities, you naturally become closer. Couples retreats are also a good idea to keep things exciting in your relationship and increase intimacy. The good news, it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

What are couples retreats?

If it’s your first time researching a couples retreat, you might be wondering what it is. A couple’s retreat itinerary can be a weekend or even just a few days of focused couple time to reignite the flame of your relationship. Couples retreats can take many forms, depending on your interests and desires. Here are some couples retreat ideas to get you started: 

  • Romantic getaways – A romantic getaway is perfect for couples looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend some quality time together. Consider visiting a romantic destination such as a beach resort or a cozy cabin with mountain views. 
  • Adventure trips – Whether it’s trekking through the jungle or exploring a new city, an adventure trip is a great option for couples to bond over shared experiences. 
  • Wellness retreats – A wellness retreat is an ideal way for couples to unwind, relax and reconnect. A wellness retreat can involve activities such as yoga classes, meditation, and massage, as well as healthy eating
  • Cultural immersion – Exploring a foreign country or culture is a great way for couples to bond and create lasting memories together. 
  • Outdoor activities – Taking part in outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking, and camping is a great way for couples to bond while getting closer to nature. 
  • Arts and crafts – Create memories together by taking part in arts and crafts activities such as pottery, painting or jewelry making. 
  • Private retreats – You can. research various couples’ retreats such as a marriage restoration project for married couples.

These are just a few couples retreat ideas that you can choose from – the possibilities are endless! Remember to focus on things that both you and your partner will enjoy doing together so that you can have the best time possible.

How long should a couples retreat be?

When it comes to planning a couples retreat itinerary, one of the most important considerations is how long the getaway should be. A short weekend break may be just the ticket for busy couples who don’t have much time to spare. Even if you can only get away for a full day, you can take advantage of some of these ideas.

But if you’re looking for a more immersive experience, consider a week-long couples retreat that allows you to explore the area and spend quality time together. Of course, the length of your retreat depends on your specific activities, budget and availability. Make sure to plan enough time to ensure that you both get the maximum benefit from your trip.

If you’re looking for some fun couples retreat ideas, consider booking a few days in an all-inclusive package resort, where activities are provided and meals are taken care of. This kind of vacation will give you ample time to connect and explore without the stress of planning. Other ideas include a road trip through scenic countryside, a city staycation, or even a cruise. No matter what type of couples retreat you choose, make sure it suits both of your needs and interests.

How to plan your own couples retreat

When planning a couples retreat, it’s important to make sure that both of you have the opportunity to relax, unwind and reconnect. You don’t have to go far to do it, but you should try to get away from your everyday lives and have some quality time together. 

Here are a few ideas for couples retreat itinerary activities:

  • Yoga or meditation classes to reduce stress levels and find inner peace;
  • cooking classes so you can learn new recipes or skills;
  • massages or spa treatments for relaxation;
  • outdoor activities such as biking or kayaking;
  • an afternoon horseback ride
  • a long walk on the beach or in nature;
  • hiking in the fresh mountain air;
  • wine tasting;
  • attending live music events or theater performances;
  • visiting a local museum or art gallery;
  • dine at a fresh catch restaurant with a sunset cocktail.
  • No matter what couples retreat ideas you choose, take time out of your busy schedules to enjoy each other’s company. This is an essential part of any couples retreat!

Picking the right location

When planning a couples retreat, it is important to pick the perfect location. Depending on the type of retreat you are looking for, there are numerous ideas out there. You can opt for a beach getaway, a cabin in the woods, or a nice resort. 

For a romantic couples retreat, consider locations that offer natural beauty and serenity. Popular locations include remote cabins in nature, luxury resorts, and cozy bed and breakfasts. 

When picking a location, make sure to take into account the amenities and activities available as well as the budget. After all, the goal is to make your couples retreat special and memorable. 

Ultimately, the perfect place is where you two can be together.

Remember to also consider drive time as couples retreat destinations should be easily accessible, especially if you’re arranging for a little help with child care for the weekend. Make the open road part of the adventure as well. Play road trip games or learn something new by asking different questions. Look into nearby attractions or activities you can enjoy together as part of your couples retreat, like horseback riding, swimming, hiking, and exploring the local area. This can add an extra special touch to your retreat and help create lasting memories together.

Which Couples Resort is Best?

Ultimately it will depend on a lot of the factors we talked about above. Do you want a remote cabin in the mountains or sunset cocktails on the beach. A couple of my favorites to get you started:

Breakfast in bed

When it comes to couples retreat ideas, there’s nothing quite like breakfast in bed. Enjoy a leisurely morning with your partner and start the day off right with some room service. Whether you choose to have a full-course meal first thing in the morning or just some light snacks, it’s a great way to start your day. And if you want to make it even more special, bring along some bubbly or a special breakfast treat to enjoy.

A day at the spa

Going to a spa is a great couples retreat idea. Taking a day to relax and pamper yourselves is the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate and reconnect as a couple. Make sure to book a couples massage, which will help create an intimate atmosphere and make your experience even more special. Other services you may consider are pedicures, facials, or even body treatments like a mud wrap. Afterward, relax in the sauna and steam room or take a dip in the pool. Spending a day at the spa together with a few private sessions is the perfect way to unwind and end your couples retreat.

An intimate dinner for two

Dining together is a great way for couples to reconnect and talk about their day. Consider planning a romantic dinner for two during your couples retreat. You can choose to dine in or go out, depending on what’s available in the area. Splurge and go for VIP dinner reservations.

If you decide to stay in, there are plenty of couples retreat ideas for how to make it special. Turn off all the lights and create a cozy ambiance with candlelight. Pick some relaxing background music, break out the wine, and enjoy your evening together.

If you opt to go out, look up local restaurants in the area and check out reviews to find the best spot. Most restaurants offer some kind of romantic set-up where they dim the lights and decorate the table with candles and flowers. Look out for prix-fixe menus as well – they usually have some special dishes you don’t get anywhere else.

Whether you decide to dine in or out, you’re sure to create an intimate evening for two that you’ll never forget.

A romantic night walk

One of the most romantic couples retreat ideas is to go on a night walk. Taking a long walk under the stars can help create the ultimate romantic atmosphere. Find a spot with a view of the city or countryside and take in the beauty around you. Look up at the stars and chat about life, and your relationship and make memories that you can take back home with you. Holding hands or snuggling up in each other’s arms is a great way to show how much you care for each other. The longer you’ve been together even this little moment of quiet time can be nice. Make sure to bring some snacks and blankets so you can relax and enjoy the night out.


One of the best couples retreat ideas for those who love the night sky is to end the evening with a romantic star-gazing session. There’s nothing quite like laying down together and watching the stars, especially in a place with very little light pollution. Get cozy under the stars and spend some time talking about your core beliefs, dreams, and aspirations. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to spot a shooting star! Stargazing is a great way to close out your couples retreat, as it will leave you feeling connected and inspired.

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