How to Create a Travel Vision Board with your Family

Family coloring and working on a travel vision board

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Family coloring and working on a travel vision board

While you’re safe at home and not traveling, now is the perfect time to start dreaming where you might go when travel bans have been lifted. We do this with a travel vision board. Have you ever done vision boards? It’s a great way to put your ideas, dreams, and goals on a poster board or similar. A vision board allows you to see and visualize (obviously) these dreams daily.

Many people use vision boards to create their goals. In our family, travel is always a goal. We use travel vision boards to get clear about where we want to go and what we want to do. Take a look at the following list of supplies and ideas you can use to create your own unique travel vision board.

Resources for Inspiration

Before beginning with your supplies, you need your inspiration for your travel vision board. Gather these ideas, notes, pictures, and anything else you can think of to build and place on your board.


It may be old fashioned to cut out images from a magazine, but it works. Any magazines will do. Many will have images of destinations, even if it’s not a travel style magazine.

Not getting magazine subscriptions any more? Did you know that you sign up for either print or kindle subscriptions from Amazon? Of course, print is ideal in this scenario since you’ll cut the images for your board. But digital works too. However, from what I’ve seen, the cost is the same. Here are some of my favorites.

Travel books

If you’re not sure where you want to travel, or what you can put on your travel vision board, turn to epic memoirs to inspire you.

You won’t likely find a lot of photos in this one, but it can give you inspiration to look things up and print out some pictures.

Guide books

It’s no secret that I love to do research. I also love guide books. I do a lot of my research online, but there’s still something about having a book in hand to flip back and forth through.

Guide books will have a lot of pictures in them as well. Or at least the good ones should. You can copy these on a printer, or better yet, get the kids to recreate a drawing of the picture. It’s a great way to get crafty right now.

If you want some recommendations of guide books that are more than just a guide book, check this list from Lonely Planet here.

Travel Shows

One of the ways we learn about travel when we’re safe at home is through various travel shows. If you search Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime for Travel Shows, you’re bound to find something to your taste. Amazon Prime even has “walking” tours through big cities such as New York.

Google Arts & Culture

If you haven’t already seen info about free museum tours, make sure you check them out from Google Arts & Culture. Featuring content from over 2000 museums and archives, you can get inspiration about the places you want to go… and then plan in-person visits for the future.

Here’s another great list of free museums and virtual field trips.


Pinterest might seem like the same as a travel vision board. In fact, I recommend using Pinterest as more than just a way to do your travel wanderlusting. And yes, Pinterest is essentially an online bulletin or vision board.

However, I want you to get your travel vision board in a visual space in your home. Perhaps in the dining room or kitchen where you gather often. We need to see this inspiration daily so that we can not only be reminders that we will travel again someday, but we can work towards our goal of traveling as well.

I want you to use Pinterest as another place for inspiration. Type in your desired destination and marvel at the stunning pictures you may find. Save these, sure, but also consider printing some of these beautiful photos to put on your vision board.

Your Own Photos

Do you have a place you visit each year? If you have a travel tradition, use photos from your past travels as part of your inspiration. Maybe you’ll use these photos as a display later, but for now, don’t hesitate to print out new copies and cut them up if you so desire.

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    This list is your basic supplies. Use these to get started today and create a fun family activity.

    Insider tip: To save on ink costs for printing, I use HP Instant Ink with my HP printer. HP Instant allows me to print a certain number of pages each month on their monthly plan and sends me ink in the mail when I need it. I never have to leave the house!

    Another Insider Tip: You can create your own stickers with your own photos from Just check out these sticker books.

    Want to get more advanced and create your own framed bulletin board or memory board? This link at Simplify 101 shows you how to create a vision board with more advance supplies.

    How to get the kids involved

    The whole family should set aside some time to talk about where they want to go when the quarantine is lifted. Make sure you have your calendar handy and think about summer vacation plans (you all deserve it!).

    This will get you started to find the inspiration. Give everyone a task and come together at a later time with materials for your board.

    If you have younger kids, they’ll enjoy cutting images out of magazines and pasting them on your board. Or give them their own board to decorate. Print coloring pages of landmarks for them to color.

    Older kids can do hand lettering or placing travel stickers on your board, in addition to cutting and designing the layout.

    Celebrate with some pictures of you and your travel board! Or grab the ingredients and make some food based on where you’ll go.

    Have you created a travel vision board before? How did it turn out? Post pictures and tag me on Instagram so we can see and share your visions!

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