How to Create an Awesome Road Trip Binder for Kids

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We take a lot of road trips. In fact, I actually love the interstate. Sometimes it’s an hour away in Florida, others, 1200 miles to Michigan. Whenever we’re going to be on the road for over a few hours, I create a road trip binder for the kids. Now that they are older, they help make it awesome.

How to Create an Awesome Road Trip Binder with links for kids of all ages

  1. Start off with a 1-2″ binder. Bigger than that and it gets clunky and not easy to store.
  2. Fill it with printable games, puzzles, coloring sheets, brainteasers, and writing prompts
  3. Fill a 3 ring binder pouch with colored pencils and a pencil sharpener. Here’s a link to the binder pouches we love.

It really is that simple, but it does take time to find the right links all over the internet. I’ve compiled a list by age of links we’ve used over the years.

I should note that I’m not opposed to movies and electronics on the road and we use them. But it is nice to have a break from screens (self-imposed or mom-imposed) and an activity book such as a road trip binder is a special treat that only comes out for a vacation.

My ages are guidelines. You should feel free to mix and match with whatever works for your children. I prefer pencils over crayons as those are more likely to melt or break and get hidden somewhere in my car.

2-4 years

Coloring Pages – Crayola has a lot of free printables. Pick and choose your favorites.

Depending on your child, you may search and use some of the other items below as a starting point. I never used anything other than coloring pages at this age with a mix of other games, songs, and audiobooks & paper books.

4-6 years

Tic Tac Toe

Road Trip Bingo – There are a TON of versions of this online. I also liked this one.

Easy Mazes

6-10 years

Mosaic coloring pages

Scavenger Hunts

Printable Battleship This one is my son’s favorite

About Me Pages – These are great self-reflection ideas or can be used as interview questions to spark conversation during the drive.

More detailed Coloring Pages

Color by Numbers

More Mazes

I also like to search Pinterest for crosswords, word searches that may match our destination.

10-13 years

Journaling pages

Printable Constellation Pages – these are great when you’re driving after dark.

More Bingo! – This one for readers

Scavenger Hunts – again, for readers

Word Puzzles and Brain Teasers

13 & up

Writing prompts There are over 100 at this site.

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock – When Rock Paper Scissors is not enough.

All Ages

The License Plate Game – This is my favorite and a classic. The license plate game always goes in our road trip binder. I like this pdf version in color with the actual sample plates.

Mad Libs – electronic version. Shameless plug here… I wrote about my must have apps for a road trip and Mad Libs is on it.

So, what are your thoughts? Did I miss anything? I would love to hear what you include in your road trip binder. Comment below with your favorite printables.

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10 thoughts on “How to Create an Awesome Road Trip Binder for Kids”

  1. Oh my gosh I am so glad I found this! We’re getting ready for a big spring break road trip, and I’m totally going to make a binder for each of the kids. Such a great resource!

  2. This is such a great idea! Like you, I’m not opposed to electronics when travelling, I’m actually a huge fan of them! But I do like some time away from the screen and we often bring sticker or activity books with us. I like this idea of working with the kids to create their own, customised activity binder – we’ll be trying it on our next trip for sure!

  3. I used to play battleship with my cousins at the cottage in summers. We had to grid out our sheets. Seems wrong to me to have to buy a board game to do it. I’ve wanted to find out how to do the grids for some time now. I’m happy to have found them here.

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