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There are travel guide books that tell you what to do and where to eat in a destination. Then there are travel guidebooks that inspire you to take a trip you may never have thought of. I love browsing through these books to get a revelation or insight into a place I hadn’t heard of or new information about a destination that was on my list.

Lonely Planet has a wealth of these types of travel guide books that take you beyond the basics and provide travel advice and inspiration to experiences and destinations you may not have thought of before. They’ve graciously allowed me to preview a few of these books for a review.

Bigger Book of Everything

The Bigger Book of Everything

The Bigger Book of Everything by Nigel Holmes is a follow up to the successful Big Book of Everything. It’s a visual guide to travel & the world. It really is everything you need or want to know about the world. In 296 pages, you can learn how to survive outdoors, tie knots, curtsey to the Queen of England, make sushi, beat jetlag, and discover weirdly named places, to name just a very very few gems in the book.

The beautiful thing about this book is that it is laid out mostly in infographics. Nigel Holmes is a graphic designer after all. It makes this a fun book to flip through at random to discover an interesting fact. If you’re not traveling currently, and have kids at home, this is a great homeschool resource. Simply pick a page and learn. Hint: Be sure to look for the Cat Flags of the World.

The Bigger Book of Everything is available for Pre Order, expected in stock on May 1, 2020. However, you can order the ebook or better yet, get the ebook and book combo. That way you can enjoy it now, but have the hard copy for your shelves later on.

In Her Footsteps

In Her Footsteps Trailblazing women who changed the world

This is one of the travel guide books that I’m most excited about. In Her Footsteps showcases the lives of trailblazing women who changed the world. Discover the locations of incredible women. Here you’ll learn about where they studied, lived, worked, and explored.

The book is divided into activists, artists, pathbreakers, and icons. You’ll discover glorious photos of locations and strong women. Additionally, find background information on the women, information about the destination featured, as well as details on museums, shrines, homes, churches, and more places that really take you through the women’s footsteps into history.

In Her Footsteps should be available April 1, 2020. You can pre-order the book now, or get the eBook immediately.

The Joy of Water

The joy of water book

I love being around water. In fact, I chose where we live based on the fact there are many lakes within walking distance. I don’t always need to be on the water, though I try to get more kayaking time in when I can. The Joy of Water is just that for me, a true joy. This book takes you through some of the most awe-inspiring stunning locations around the globe.

Imagine flipping through the Joy of Water to witness every spectrum of blue imaginable. Then add in dazzling green foliage, sparkling pink sands, along with an insight into this destination. I have added several spots to my bucket list just pursuing this book.

The Joy of Water is available as an eBook now, and hard copy ships May 1, 2020.

Lonely Planet’s Global Chocolate Tour

Global chocolate tour book

If a book could smell, this would be the one. Envision opening the pages of Lonely Planet’s Global Chocolate Tour and escaping in the wafting scents of chocolate. Each time I look at this book I( can almost smell the deliciousness.

The book goes through the process of cacao beans to chocolate, as well as types of chocolate. Then, being a travel guide book takes you through not only the destinations known for their chocolate making, but where to find the top hot chocolates, chocolate festivals, and even flavor pairings.

Each destination is broken down by what they offer, from tastings to classes, as well as things to do nearby.

Who wants to go on a Global Chocolate Tour with me? The hardcover book is available May 1, 2020, and like the rest, available as an eBook now.

The Unique States of America

The unique states of america travel guide books

My dad always told me that I should see all of the United States before venturing off around the world. And while I do believe there’s great value in seeing the world, he’s got an excellent point. Know the country you live in before knowing other countries. The United States is remarkably vast and varied. That’s why I think The Unique States of America is one of my must-have travel guide books.

As it’s my goal to visit all 50 states before I turn 50, this guide book will help me discover what to see in each state. In addition to the different and unusual sights, the Unique States of America also tells you where to get each state’s most iconic eats.

The Unique States of America is available now, and the perfect guide book to help you plan your next vacation.

Lonely Planet’s Where to Go When

where to go when book

Finally, when you’re ready to travel, start planning ahead by using Lonely Planet’s Where to go When. This is one of those indispensable travel guide books.

Organized by month, Where to go When presents recommendations of destinations at their best during that month. This could be because the weather is perfect, wildlife is at its peak, or a special festival that takes place.

Additionally, find infographics helping you narrow down what you want to see and why. When you’re ready to travel again, be it this summer, or next year, use Where to go When to find your next dream vacation.

Do you have a favorite guide book that has gone above and beyond traditional what to see and where to eat? Drop your recommendation in the comments! I’d love to check it out.

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