How to use Pinterest for more than Travel Wanderlusting

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Let’s face it, Pinterest is the new Google. The visual layout, the addicting saving of pins. It is certainly akin to jumping from site to site, except now you can organize all your searches into handy boards to refer to later.

Using Pinterest is my favorite way to plan travel. Here’s how to use the site for more than just travel wanderlusting.


Due to Pinterest‘s algorithm, following people and boards is a thing of the past (sorry bloggers!) While you still can and will see pins from the people and brands you follow, Pinterest is going to show what you’ve been searching for, what you click on and what it thinks you may be interested based on items you’ve pinned in the past.

I don’t recommend not following people. It’s just not enough to do travel wanderlusting by following. You have to use the search feature.

Just like with Google, Pinterest has a smart search option. Type in New York City Places and you’ll see Pinterest‘s suggestions for places to visit, to go, to eat among other things.

When you’ve picked a topic you want to search, don’t just limit yourself to the pins. Seek out the people and boards. Chances are, other people have started boards based on the topic you’re looking for and you can snag great content from them. A search for New York City Hotels netted 43 different boards.

And speaking of boards…

Create Segmented Boards

What’s stopping you from creating more boards? Often we get complacent and place pins in boards that are broad and generic. But if you’re looking for budget hotels in NYC, create a board just for that. Otherwise, just an NYC board may be cluttered with attractions, hotels, dining, etc.

Get specific, then you can find what you’re looking for.

Remember you can organize your boards to put all your NYC info into one area. Just go to your profile page and click and drag your board to where you want it.

To start planning a trip to an area I would recommend at least the following segments:

  • Hotels
  • Dining
  • Museums
  • Attractions

If you’re going someplace like Orlando, you may want a board for Universal Attractions and one for Disney Attractions.

Group Boards

Planning with your significant other or extended family? Create a group board among your family and friends so everyone has an input. I even let my kids have Pinterest accounts so they can research recipes, books, and other fun things. I will share boards with them to give them an idea of where we’re going and what we can do.


Go Secret

Don’t forget about your secret boards. No one says you have to publish your travel plans for anyone to see.  Plus, even your secret boards can be used as group boards.


For me, travel planning is almost as exciting as the trip itself. Finding advice and specifics using Pinterest just makes it more exciting and real.




What about you… do you use Pinterest to do your travel planning?


Find more travel advice on my Pinterest Travel Advice Board!



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8 thoughts on “How to use Pinterest for more than Travel Wanderlusting”

  1. Pinterest is pretty awesome! I use it for collecting pins about places we’ll go to, so it’s quite practical in that sense. I also pin for travel inspiration – just as important!

  2. “… go to your profile page and click and drag your board to where you want it.”

    I can arrange the boards like this, but why can’t I arrange the pictures inside a board in the same way? Do you have any deeper insight in Pinterest? The functionality of this site is very limited.

    1. That would be a nice feature, but no, you can’t arrange pins…yet. That may change of course. Right now they’re in there based on newest to oldest as to when you pinned them. Maybe that’ll help?

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