Ultimate List of Gift Ideas for Camping Families

One year I perhaps went a bit “extra” on the holiday secret Santa gift wrapping. I don’t regret anything. As it turns out butcher paper and twine make absolutely perfect gift wrap with the right adjustments.

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For the holiday season, guest blogger, Christina Sawyer shares her list of gift ideas for camping lovers. As a newbie camper herself, she’s got lists a mile long of things to bring camping.

Brand New to Camping

I’m not ashamed to admit it.  We are brand new to the camping world.  Let’s be honest, though.  You can spot us a mile away at a campground.  We’re the ones stumbling all over our site as we set up and take all afternoon to do so. 

But with that newbie aura comes all the fun stuff!  As a blogger, I sort of cheated a little at the newbie life.  I read all the blogs, and I mean all the blogs, to make sure we started right!  I made the lists and did all the shopping before we even took our maiden voyage. 

Also, I read See you at the Campground which is chock full of the best newbie camper experiences you can find as well as tips, tricks, things to do, and of course, things not to do.  Reading it is like letting someone else make all the mistakes for you!  I mean, did you know that there is a special toilet paper just for campers!  Glad I read that tip first.

Do you have those camper friends that drive you crazy talking about their new camper?  Are you the new campers that drive everyone crazy talking about your new camper?  There really are more things that can go in a camper than I ever imagined!  It’s not just about sewer hoses, surge protectors, and leveling blocks. I have put together the ultimate gift ideas for camping with all the most amazing gifts and tools for the camping life.

Person cooking food in casserole
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Inside the Camper

When we first got our camper, I was so excited to decorate.  I immediately picked colors and got towels.  Our first time out, though, I used paper plates and plasticware. I have since added real stuff.  It has been so much fun to pick out the stuff that makes our house on wheels our home away from home.  

Setting up my kitchen was like playing house.  It was super important that I am happy and comfortable in my kitchen because who wants to cook on vacation?  I can tell you that I want to cook while camping more than I ever want to cook at home.  Cooking while camping is so much more appealing.  Any new camper wants all the cooking tool fun!

My best advice for inside a camper is you can never have enough towels and you must have a carpet at the door.  


You may also like this list of cookbooks for outdoor cooking and campfire cooking.

Outside the Camper

Consider the outside of a camper an extension of the inside.  We tried setting up ours like it was just another room in our camper.   If you need anything outside, you must have an outdoor carpet.  My best advice and this piece is of utmost importance, get the comfy chairs.  It only took us 5 camping trips to give in and spend a little extra on the zero gravity chairs.  It truly doesn’t get any more relaxing than that.

Reversible Camping Mat

Screen House

Zero Gravity Chairs (I’ll just add once more here, do not go without these!  You won’t regret it!)

Personalized Grilling Tools

Any carpet: Indoor, outdoor, runners, even deco! You just can’t go wrong!

Inflatable Couch

Microfiber Super Absorbent Travel Towel

Camping Hammock

Outdoor Games

We do play a lot of games as a family.  But while camping, we want to spend as much time outdoors as possible.  Games keep everyone up and moving while having fun and getting our fair share of family time in.  I might add that we are competitive and games bring on that healthy competition we all crave.  These are some of the absolute best game gift ideas for camping.  

One super important tip here is to get the ones that have carrying cases.  It seems crazy but you’ll be happier in your camper when everything is stashed in a nice neat little package.

Ladder Golf

Corn Hole

Spike Ball

Lawn Darts

Many of the games to play at the beach would also do well camping.

family in front of camping trailer and campfire for rv travel

Fire Circle Must-Haves

This is, without a doubt, our favorite part of camping.  After a day of tubing, hiking, or kayaking, there is nothing better than a campfire. Cooking over the fire, dessert over the fire, games by the fire, reading, talking, insert any activity here; everything is better by a campfire.  

These tools will absolutely make your campfires the ultimate experience.  Well these, and of course the zero-gravity chairs.  Did I mention the importance of a comfy chair?


Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Campfire Tripod

Campfire Grill

As we progress in our camping experiences, one thing that stands firm is pretty much everything is better while camping.  Even cooking. There always seems to be something on the list of things to buy for our camper but we have had more fun stocking our camper than our house!   Having some amazing tools and comforts completes the experience for sure.  But the best parts of camping have been all the adventures and family time. Being outside and unplugged, spending some time just listening to the sounds and feeling all the nature has been invaluable.   

New experiences await!  Invest a little in your camper and the things that go along with it and make your memories.  

Do you have gift ideas for camping lovers? We’d love to hear about them. Be sure to comment below.

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