How to Have a Solo Retreat for Moms

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Okay moms, let’s talk a little self-care. Have you ever traveled on your own? If you haven’t, find out why it’s okay to travel solo and almost necessary. Even if you have traveled on your own, no husband, no kids, it can be hard to really and truly relax. Use these tips and tricks to have the perfect solo retreat for moms.

Find a Place Y0u’re Comfortable

Probably the most important with a solo retreat for moms are feeling safe and comfortable. You’re already dealing with a bit of mom guilt, don’t let your fears over safety and comfort add to that.

If you’ve never traveled solo before, talk to your friends and get advice. Head to Pinterest and search travel solo, you’ll find hundreds of bloggers who travel by themselves all the time.

Stay where you know you’re safe. This isn’t the time to try a hostel for the first time if you’ve never done it.

You may also like these travel bags to keep your stuff safe.

Stay Away

Okay, that might sound rude. But in order to have a successful mom retreat, you need to give yourself enough time.

I recommend booking something for at least 3 nights. The first day and night is a travel, and it will take you time to come down from that go go go lifestyle you are normally in. With 2 nights, you only get that one full day to really enjoy your surroundings.

Three nights seems to be a great balance of being able to enjoy your travels, but not feel so guilty about being done for too long.


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I know, I know, there’s the guilt factor again. Keep your phone on do not disturb so that you’re not tempted to check every ding that goes off. With DND settings, you can add people like your spouse and children that are allowed, but this is not the time for emails and social media.

Disconnecting from screens, in general, is the purpose of a self-care retreat for you. Take a break from everyone else and focus on you. Bring books or magazines, plan walks or activities. And if you know you’re going to break down and check social media, give your self a time limit.

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Create a Schedule

This may sound odd when we’re talking self-care, slowing down, and disconnecting, but the key to a successful retreat for moms is having an agenda. Here’s why.

If you’re constantly on the go, do you ever feel odd when you finally stop and don’t have anything to do? I know I do. By giving myself a loose schedule, I won’t suffer from the analysis paralysis of figuring out what to do with my free time.

Create a schedule, but be okay with breaking it.

An example may look like:

8:00 Breakfast

9:00 Read by the pool

11:00 Take a walk

12:00 lunch

1:00 journal

2:00 Visit a museum or gallery

4:00 Yoga on the beach


This is just a suggestion of course, but you get the idea that you should leave yourself enough time to do the things you love while resting and rejuvenating.

Are you ready to go? Check out these ideas for solo retreats for moms

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  1. These are great tips, not just for moms but for anyone who has a busy schedule and needs time to unwind. I will definitely incorporate these tips into my next solo adventure!

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