How to be a Tourist in Your Hometown with a Staycation

How to be a tourist in your hometown

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Summer is over and school has started. And while 2020 did not allow us to travel much, there’s still a way to vacation in your hometown with a staycation. Sometimes the best vacations are the ones that happen at home or a staycation. We often overlook all there is to do in our own backyards, taking for granted the affordable ways to experience something new. That is what travel is after all, right? Having new experiences. I’ve come up with a few ideas on How to Be a Tourist in Your Hometown.

Visit Museums

Take a day and visit your local museums. Nearly every town has something to offer, whether it’s a local history museum or even a cheesy roadside style attraction. Make a full day of it and visit as many as you can. Often, places have discounts for children, locals, or even spring break prices.

Pro-Tip: Not sure where to go. Take a look at Viator for everything you can do nearby. Simply go to and search for your area. You might find discount tickets, or skip the line tickets.


Find a local county or state park and spend a night or two in the great outdoors. Even if you don’t have camping equipment or an RV, you can rent one through peer to peer sites such as RVshare or Outdoorsy.

There might even be local camping events in your hometown. Recently, my hometown did a National Camp Out where about 50 families camped along the waterfront.

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A Room with a Pool

Let’s be honest, sometimes just hanging out at the hotel with poolside service is fantastic, no matter where you are. If you’re looking at how to be a tourist in your hometown, book a hotel, especially one with a pool. don’t have to drive far, or even pack much, just to have a night away from chores.

Alternatively, check out a VRBO for homes with pools near you.

Visit a University

If you live close to a major university, visit. It’s not just for college kids. We go to the University of Florida for the museums. We’ve visited Yale to see the library and have lunch (very reasonable cost too, I might add!) I’ve gone to Rollins to take photos. There’s history, art, architecture, and food. You’ll feel as if you’ve traveled somewhere. Who knows, there may even be a walking tour you can take!

Festivals or Events

Check your local Convention and Visitor’s Bureau to see any festivals or events that might be happening near you. To start, search your hometown, or county, and CVB. Or go bigger to the state tourism site. For a complete list of the state sites, click here.

This may not be a good idea in the current 2020 world we live in. But keep an eye out for socially distant events and activities. They are happening.

Local Winery or Breweries

This one might just be for mom and dad, but our local winery offers festivals and music which keep the kids entertained. We’ve also been to breweries where food trucks and entertainment are taking place.

Do you have more ideas on how you can be a tourist in your hometown? I’d love to hear them. Drop me a line or leave a comment.

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