Harry Potter Games when You can’t visit Universal Studios

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If you’ve had a trip planned to Universal Studios and had to cancel, you may wonder what to do with your time at home. Recently I wrote about ways to travel when you’re stuck at home. If you’re practicing social distancing over the next few weeks, considering bringing some of the magic home with these Harry Potter Games. Even if you have visited Wizarding World, or will visit again, these games keep the magic alive year-round!

These Harry Potter Games range from easy to challenging but are often fun for the whole family. Even if you’re not a huge fan of the books or movies, some of these are themed off of games you’re familiar with, such as Clue and Codenames. Others are unique until the Wizarding World. Either way, order these games from Amazon to enjoy today.

Harry Potter Clue

This one is one of our favorites. In fact, we love the Harry Potter Clue game so much that we don’t even play regular Clue any more. I love that the game focuses on rooms at Hogwarts, fighting known enemies as the whodunnit, along with the potion or spell that did them in. It has an additional challenging element of getting house points and a dark mark.

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

Did you play Trivial Pursuit as a kid? Did you lose a lot or cheat? Yeah, me too. The only one I ever excelled at was the Junior Edition. Many of those questions were hard! Not the case with the Harry Potter version. In fact, if you know the books well, this one may be easy. If you have kids, this might be a great way for them to prove how smart they are in front of their parents. Even if you don’t play the board game version, this is a great way to just grab the questions and spark conversations.


If you like to play spy type games, Codenames is for you. Here, you locate the secret agents by photo matching and one-word key phrases. It’s fast to pick up and play. This version includes Includes 200 code cards, 100 double-sided key cards, 16 Order of the Phoenix cards, 1 Death Eater Cover card, 11 time-turner tokens, 1 pad of Mission Logs, 1 card stand, and Instructions. I love the time-turner elements making this game different from the original.

Hogwarts Battle

Proceeding through all seven books and culminating through the Battle at Hogwarts, in Hogwarts Battle, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville fight dark curses and death eaters to proceed through each year. This is a game that you can play again and again and it gets increasingly difficult. I’m not sure we have passed year six, but we love the challenge.

When researching this article, I discovered there’s now a Monster Book of Monsters expansion pack that allows you to play as Luna and enter the Forbidden Forest.

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Defense Against the Dark Arts is another edition of the Hogwarts Battle game but can be played as a stand-alone. The board looks as if you are on the dueling table and is meant for 2 players only. It’s more fast-paced than the full game above. While we don’t’ have this one yet, I can see that this may get added to our game cabinet soon enough.

Death Eaters Rising

Another stand-alone that’s part of the Hogwarts battle, Death Eaters Rising is a cooperative dice game where players summon Dumbledore’s Army and the Order of the Phoneix to fight off against Voldemort and Death Eaters. If your kids are fans of Dungeons and Dragons, I can see where this would be similar.

Harry Potter Munchkin

I have not played the Munchkin games yet, but this came heavily recommended in a Facebook Group I’m a part of. If you’re a fan of the Munchkin games, be sure to check this one out.

  • Get ready for an epic duel in this collectible Munchkin game featuring artwork, characters, and spells from the Harry Potter movies where you race to prove your mettle against other witches and wizards
  • Play as a member of your favorite Hogwarts house – Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw
  • Defeat villains and monsters all while outwitting the other players – but watch out for wandering monsters to derail your progress

Fantastic Beasts Perilous Pursuit

Bring Fantastic Beasts into your wizarding world collection of games with this cooperative dice game where you need to capture New Schemander’s beasts and get them back into his magical suitcase. This game is good for those3 ages 8 and up and introduces the younger one to family games without competing and hurt feelings. I enjoy it because you learn more about the beasts in the movies and play as Newt, Tina, Jacob, or Queenie.

    Fantastic Beasts Playing Cards

    Sometimes, a deck of cards is all you need. We often have cards in the house and the car to play on the go. This set is a cute collection of the beasts on the playing cards to bring something different to your game of War, Crazy Eights, or Go Fish.


    Pictopia is another good one for kids ages 7 and up. The latest version also includes scenes from Fantastic Beasts. It is a trivia game, but since it’s meant for younger kids, going to be a bit easier if you’re adept in your Harry Potter knowledge. Also, if you don’t have a strong reader yet, Pictopia is great because it’s picture trivia.


    Have you seen this Harry Potter game yet? If you like any of the former HedBanz games, or if you love playing Heads Up, this one is great for some family fun. Players take turns guessing what’s on the card on their forehead by asking yes or no questions. There are additional elements with potion tokens and chocolate frog tokens.

    Funkoverse Harry Potter Strategy

    I’ve not played this one yet, but it comes highly recommended. Choose your favorite Harry Potter character and go to battle in iconic locations. Just getting four of the Harry Potter Funkos to make this a cute game to play. From reading. the questions, you could add other Funkoverse base and expansion sets to make this a mixed genre game. In fact, so many of the reviews mention Golden Girls that it has me intrigued!

    Scene It

    If you’re not familiar with the Scene It games, they are a DVD based trivia-style game that takes scenes from the movie and asks you questions about it. While Scene It’s are no longer made, and a shame too, we own several, the original Harry Potter Scene It only covered the first four movies. There is a 2nd edition and another that states it’s the complete version. I’m not sure if this is because Scene It was on it’s way out when the movies comp0leted or not. Either way, the 2nd and full versions are ridiculously expensive so be careful in purchasing. I’d recommend finding a used version on Amazon if possible.

    You can find other Harry Potter Games such as Harry Potter Uno, Harry Potter Scrabble, and Harry Potter Labyrinth, which of course are just themed to the games you know and love.

    Do you have any Harry Potter Games that I missed? Let me know.

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