Which Travel Bags and Accessories do I Need?

collection of which travel bags you need when traveling

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Traveling is often more than just figuring out what suitcase to use and what to pack. Often you need to figure out which travel bags and accessories you need to make it through the day.

Determining which travel bags and accessories you need largely depends on what you’re doing during your travels. You may need just a simple under-seat carry-on to get you in and out of the airport as quickly as possible. You may want a travel backpack to take with you through your day exploring. Or you may just want a purse or wallet with anti-theft features to keep you safe when you’re in the big city or a foreign country.

I have purchased a few of these types of bags over the years, from a company called Travelon. I trust their products. Travelon makes travel bags and accessories meant for travelers. I reached out with them to partner on this post and bring you the best of the best and helping you figure out which travel bags and accessories you need for your next trip.

This post contains affiliate links from Travelon and the products were provided by them in order to facilitate this review. However, all opinions are my own.

Under-seat Carry-On

Even if you’re packing a checked piece of luggage, chances are you’re packing a carry-on as well. What I love about using an underseat carry-on versus an overhead is the ease and speed at which I can get to my stuff. Not to mention, if I’m not checking a full bag, and want those basic economy fares, an under-seat carry-on is the way to go.

Here are a few features of this particular piece:

  • Large main compartment
  • Front organizer compartment and zippered front pocket
  • Mesh expansion pocket
  • Includes a back-up bag folds for compact storage, features an add-a-bag strap and measures 15.5″ x 13.5″ x 6″
  • Add-a-bag strap

See my full review of this bag at my YouTube Channel below. I really do enjoy this travel bag and can see using it for years to come.

It comes in four different colors. I have red, but it also is available in Black, Eggplant, and Khaki.

Travel Anti-Theft Backpack

The next travel bag that I almost always have with me is my anti-theft travel backpack from Travelon.

An anti-theft bag should be composed of a few things. It should have only one zipper entry, and a zipper pull that locks. It should be slash-proof. the straps should be made of heavy-duty and quality material. And the fabric should be RFID blocking.

I’m pleased to say that the Anti-theft backpack from Travelon is all these things. I also liked how this one had a pocket for a water bottle making it easy to be on the go.

The particular model I have has:

  • Locking compartments
  • Slash-resistant body construction and slash-resistant, adjustable backpack straps
  • RFID blocking card and passport slots
  • Holds iPad or tablet
  • Size: 12 x 16 x 6

The front pocket is also perfect to put your cards and phone, so that you’re not carrying a separate wallet or purse.

It comes in Navy, Slate, Graphite, Nutmeg, and Midnight colors.

Travel Purse with Locks

If you don’t want a backpack, and need a purse that’s good for travel, Travelon has the perfect collection of travel bags for women. There’s a lot of factors that go into determining which travel bag is best for you in this case.

You can go directly to Amazon’s Travelon store here.

I’ve owned two of their purses and have been very happy with each one. I’ve chosen crossbody and hobo style bags. Both with the intention of also carrying my camera. Each had the same locking zippers that the backpacks have, as well as slash-proof fabric and RFID blocking technology.

For the style that I own, featured in the pictures, click the links below.

collection of which travel bags you need when traveling

Travel Wallet

I prefer a wallet that can do it all. Have a strap that I can carry the wallet like a wristlet, carry my cards and my cash, and even have an extra pocket to carry a large cell phone.

That’s where the phone clutch wallet comes in. It has the following:

  • Exterior zip around, gusseted pocket with organizer
  • 6 card slots and
  • 2 paper currency or receipt pockets
  • Main compartment holds the latest smartphone models, passport and lipstick
  • Removable wristlet strap

If you’re traveling, this makes a perfect bag to carry with you when you go out on the town. I keep my cards in here all the time and it fits perfectly in the hobo bag listed above.

It comes in black, floral, mosaic tile, and smoke colors.

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    Electronic Cord Organizer

    An electronic cord organizer is one of those things you never think you need until you use one and then never know how you could live without it.

    The tech accessory organizer:

    • Keep all your tech and smartphone cords plus devices organized and secure, simply roll fold with an adjustable snap closure
    • Two top mesh pouches for content visibility, and three small drop pockets for small items like USB drives, memory cards or AUX cables
    • Generous zippered pouch for laptop chargers or battery packs

    This is one of those items you really have to see to fully understand what it can do. Check it out at one of these links.

    Travel Water Bottle Carrier

    water bottle anti-theft bag carrying case.

    This was an item that surprised me by how much I fell in love with it. Not only is it a water bottle carrier, but it has a locking RFID blocking pouch with it as well.

    Picture this. You’re out touring, perhaps in the theme parks in Orlando. It’s hot. You’re thirsty. You want to carry a water bottle with you but you also need to keep your hands free to help with the kids.

    This item has a long enough strap to wear as a cross body. Plus, you can put all your credit cards and theme park passes in the open slots. And the pocket is big enough to hold your phone.

    Now you have not only a water bottle, hands-free, but you also have less to carry overall.

    Seriously, it’s my favorite item from Travelon. When you’re trying to figure out which travel bags to take with you, be sure to include this one.

    • The Travelon Anti-Theft Water Bottle Tote is one of the simplest and practical ways to tote your water bottle. It measures 10″x4″, weighs 7 oz and has an adjustable strap so it is easy to position the bottle in front, side or back of your body.
    • It features a front locking zippered compartment with 3 RFID protected card slots, a RFID protected Passport pocket plus room for a smartphone.
    • Anti-Theft features like slash-resistant stainless steel mesh body panels, locking zippers, adjustable stainless steel cable strap that can be attached to a stationary object to prevent a grab-n-go and RFID technology that keeps your identity secure by blocking high-tech electronic readers from capturing your personal information.

    Mesh Pouches

    While I do like using a toiletry bag, and a jewelry bag, I find these mesh pouches to serve me better when I’m traveling. I like Travelon’s brands because they are the ripstop mesh, and hold up better over time. Plus, the fact that they are a see-through mesh allows me to grab what I need faster.

    • Polyester Ripstop & Mesh
    • MULTIFUNCTIONAL ORGANIZER Turn packing chaos into order. Organize easy to lose items and keeping them handy. Use pouches as a cosmetic bag, tech accessory organizer, currency pouch, travel document organizer bag, etc.
    • BREATHABLE MESH KEEPS CONTENTS VISIBLE, easy to find and saves time
    • CONVENIENT ZIPPER POUCHES Zippered closures keeps contents secure.

    Get yours at these links.

    Which Travel Bags Do you Need?

    Deciding which travel bags you need, or which are best for you, is truly subjective, I know that. However, I’ve found again and again I use each of these products mentioned when I travel.

    Do you have other travel gear you love? I’d love to hear about that too. Drop me a link in the comments.

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