10 Tips On How To Plan An Ultimate Trip To Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

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Mount Rushmore is one of the most visited and loved tourist attractions in South Dakota. It is a picturesque spot located in the Black Hills. Rugged, rural area in the suburbs, a trip to Mount Rushmore, takes you into the countryside areas, far from the Rapid City city. If you’ve been looking forward to going on a road trip around the U.S, this will be the place for you.

The road is wide, well-paved, and has scenic beauty around, which makes it perfect for the best road-tripping experience. The fact that Mount Rushmore is located inside the Black Hills National Forest boundary makes it a breath-taking and also equally famous and recognizable trip spot. Millions of tourists visit Mount Rushmore every year, and there is no denying that it is one of the most visited national memorials in the United States. Therefore, if you wish to make out the best of your trip to Rushmore, here are ten tips that you must consider spending some perfect time there.

1. Parking Cost

One of the main things to keep in mind while you visit Mount Rushmore is that you will have to shell out some money to park your vehicle. You will not be required to pay any fee for admission, but you will have to pay some $10-$15 as a parking fee.

2. Arrive Earlier During The Day

The best time to visit Mount Rushmore will be early hours as the day. Even if you do not start your tour of that place this early, it is essential to understand that you must reserve your slot early since it starts getting crowded as the day progresses. The most massive visitor volume is during the middle of the day. Therefore, it is advisable to visit the place during the early morning hours since you will see better views.

You will also be able to click better photos during the wee hours of the day when there is less crowd. Other than that, while spending quality time at Mount Rushmore generally requires one full day, you can also explore most of that place within just half a day.

3. Enjoy Scenery During Trail

The trail is the next step after you’ve left the parking area. You will be required to enter a long plaza, at the end of which you will be able to see Mount Rushmore. This place is beautiful and instills patriotism among visitors when they see a display of flags from every U.S. state flanking both sides of the plaza.

This particular area also includes various gift shops (must visit) and the amphitheater. Therefore, though underestimated, the trail is indeed one of the best parts of Mount Rushmore, and you must not ignore enjoying it at any cost. A scenic stroll through nature, you’ll be able to witness pines, flowers, and a combination of critters and majestic mountains. Artists also perform on both sides to add excitement to the entire trip.

4. Take A Tour Of The Village 

If you are tripping in the Black Hills, you might take a tour of the village around and learn about the area’s original residents. One tip: all you need to do is make sure the entire family stuffs into the car and enjoy the road trip. You can create more space by installing a roof rack storage. Rest assured, this road trip adventure will not be unique but also quite memorable.

5. Sneak To The Ice-Cream Shop

While on your visit, make sure that you do not miss the hidden gem- ice cream shop. There is also a cafe and a gift shop if you wish to stop by and enjoy some snacks while on your trip.

6. Don’t Miss The Sculptor’s Studio

If you are into art, architecture and archaeology, then wandering through the Sculptor’s Studio might be your thing. This is the very building where creator Gutzon Borglum worked on all of his designs for Mount Rushmore. The USP of these sculptures is that they are quite intricate, and guess what? Mount Rushmore gives you the chance to learn about the tools and techniques used to carve all those famous faces into the mountain that looks oh, so beautiful.

7. Highlight: Evening Lighting Ceremony

The evening lighting ceremony is one of the most pious events that you can attend at Mount Rushmore. Trust me when I say that what you witness next is no less than a miracle.  The mountain sculptures light up in splendor as the National Anthem is played. Therefore, do whatever you want to do, but here’s a tip, never miss the lighting ceremony.

8. A Quick Detour

Here’s a tip for all those who do not enjoy crowds. You can drive over to the Crazy Horse Memorial around Mount Rushmore. It is 17 miles and an extremely convenient detour.


9. Best Months To Visit

While the entire time of the year is preferable to visit Mount Rushmore, here’s a tip to try and visit sometime other than summer, but summers are when the place is most crowded.

10. Explore Other Areas Of Black Hills

Here’s a tip to also explore other areas on your trip to Mount Rushmore while you’re at it. You can check out the Custer State Park, Storybook Village, Reptile Gardens and Bear Country.


Whether you are planning a fun trip with the family, partner, or couples, Mount Rushmore will surprise you. As suggested, there is so much to do here, which includes a lot more than conventional expectations. Therefore, get set and be ready for one of the most amazing road-trips of your life at Black Hills Mount Rushmore. Do keep these ten tips in mind to elevate your experience.

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