Car Emergency Kit – How To Create Your Personal Road Trip Survival Kit

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Are you ready for Road Trip Season? Every year when the kids break for summer, I am planning epic road trips. However, with road trips, you should also plan for an emergency. Just like in your day-to-day life, you should be prepared for what life may throw at you. A car emergency kit can help you prepare for these unexpected moments, both with your car and with your family.

The following are my essentials in what to pack in a car emergency kit.

Car Emergency Kit Essentials

Cars are really smart these days. They can tell you when your air pressure is low, needs an oil change, even warn you when another vehicle is in your blind spot. yet it doesn’t prevent accidents and emergencies from happening. What you keep in your car emergency kit could prevent your road trip from a minor emergency to a majorly ruined vacation.

  • Portable Air Compressor – Have you ever gotten that notification that your air is low? If you’re on a road trip traveling the interstate, this may not be too much of a problem making it to a gas station for air. However, longer stretches of highways with no exits in site could make an portable air compressor the difference between making it to your destination and a blown out tire.

This portable air compressor on Amazon is highly rated and cordless. I love the fact that it’s cordless to help you move around the car as needed. Plus, it has a 12V adaptor in case the cordless battery runs out. Plug it into one of the outlets in your car to charge as needed.

if you’re looking for a slightly less expensive yet still highly rated model, check out the 12V Air Compressor here.

  • Spare Tire and Jack – Your car should have a spare tire and a jack, but while you’re checking what to keep in your emergency kit, it’s a good time to check that everything is there, and inflated.
  • Jumper Cables – Last year on our road trip my car battery kept dying. Fortunately I was at my parents and we could use a battery charger each night until I could get it fixed. It was under warranty and I did not want to pay for a new one. Thankfully, on the way home, when I needed to charge the battery I had my JumpSmart Portable car jump starter. This thing not only can jump start your car battery, it’s also a power bank with a flash light and charging port. I have the rose gold one found here.

The great thing about the JumpSmart Portable Car Jump Starter is that it serves other purposes in your car emergency kit, such as a flashlight and backup cell phone charger. Thus, it saves you space.

  • Flares & Triangles – It used to be that you had flares that you lit and the flame alerted other travelers of your emergency. Triangles did the same thing. However, the trinagles are flimsy and flares go bad. Insert LED road flares. These orange disk lights flash in over seven different settings, are magnetic to stick to your car and battery powered. Plus they are water proof and crush proof, meaning you can drive over them with no damage. The Marcala LED 6-pack even comes with a whistle, a safety hammer and seatbelt cutter, and a carrying case.

Here are a few other items. to consider for your car emergency kit.

  • Fire extinguisher
  • Tire Pressure Guage

The above kits have just about everything else you need.

Car Emergency Kit first aid kit from Surviveware

Emergency First Aid Kit

In addition to keeping your car protected in case of emergency, you also need to keep your passengers protected. Get a quality first aid kit that has everything you can think of and then some.

I was gifted the Surviveware Large First Aid Kit recently and I am blown away by the contents and organization of the kit. In fact, if you visit their store page on Amazon, it says, “We are Organized Preparedness.”

I have the Survieware Large First Aid Kit. Inside this tri-fold kit, everything is neatly labeled. What I like about that, is as you review your kit, you will know exactly what to replace.

Additionally, it’s water-resistant. I enjoy kayaking and I can see taking this along as a safety precaution.

In addition to kayaking and road-tripping, I can see using this kit for longer hikes, camping, mountain biking, and more.

Plus, included is a 50-piece mini kit. I kept the entire kit in my car while driving through Badlands National Park, but took the mini-kit with us on shorter hikes.

To give you an idea, here is what is inside the first aid kit.

  • 600D Polyester Bag(1)
  • 7.5″ Shears(1)
  • 18″ Splint(1)
  • Adhesive Bandages:
    • Butterfly – Large(5)
    • Butterfly – Medium(5)
    • Large(5)
    • Standard(30)
    • Square(5)
    • Mini(5)
    • H-Shape(5)
  • Cold Pack(1)
  • Combine Dressing(1)
  • Conforming Bandages(6)
  • Gauze Swabs(5)
  • Ear Buds(20)
  • Emergency Blanket(1)
  • Eye Pads(4)
  • First Aid Handbook(1)
  • Hydro Gel(5)
  • Tape, Non-Adhesive Dressings(10)
  • Laminate Baggies(6)
  • Refuse Bag(1)
  • Pressure Bandage(1)
  • Safety Pins(10)
  • Splinter Probes(10)
  • Strip Closures(9)
  • Triangular Bandage(2)
  • Tweezers(1)
  • Whistle(1)
  • Wound Dressings(2)

It’s slightly larger than a standard first aid kit, yet I am so impressed by the organized and labeled pockets that I will not recommend anything else. Surviveware First Aid Kit is the way to go.

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