The Family Friendly King and Prince Resort On St Simons Georgia

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The King and Prince Resort in St. Simons Island is a perfect retreat for anyone visiting the Georgia coastline. Located on the hidden natures paradise of St. Simons Island, the King and Prince is the only oceanfront resort on the island. Full of history, southern seaside charm, family-friendly and did I mention ocean side, the King and Prince is a place many families return year after year.

I’m delighted to share my experience visiting this hotel. My stay was sponsored by the King and Prince Resort, however, all observations and opinions are my own.

King and Prince Location

St. Simons Island is part of the Golden Isles along Georgia’s 100-mile coastline. Located about an hour from Savannah or Jacksonville, the island is easy to reach. The King and Prince is on the southeast side of the island, making it a great place to view the sunrise from your balcony.

Hotel History

The King and Prince has an interesting history. Opening in 1935 as a dance club, the building continued with luxurious rooms in 1941. You can almost hear the big band and swing music echoing through the lobby and the stunning Delegal room. However, it did not remain open to the public for long. In the winter of 1942, German U-boats were sighted off the coast, just outside the King and Prince Resort. The resort became the home to the US Navy who set up a radar station on site.

To begin with, I had no idea that the Germans made it this close to the United States. If you get the chance to visit the St. Simons Lighthouse and the Coastal Georgia Historical Society to learn more about this alarming part of history. St. Simons history goes further back than this of course, to Spanish occupation, English battles, Civil War plantations, and more. To read more of the historical sights on St. Simons and my experience there, visit Wanderlust Atlanta and Travis’ review of St. Simons’ sights.


Upon the first inspection of the resort, the historic main and oceanfront buildings are the majority and main portion of the hotel. The resort itself is much larger than that, however, encompassing beach villas, resort residences, and a separate guest room house near the tennis courts. Rooms range from a standard hotel room to a full size 3 story residence with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. I can just envision the family reunions or girls getaways here.

My oceanfront room opened out overlooking the pool area. The room was spacious enough for a family of four, with a king-size bed and fold-out sofa. Double beds are also available. The balcony size impressed me as most hotels seem to skimp on that feature. It was there that I spent the majority of my downtime listening to the ocean waves.



This is the only beachfront resort, so we have to talk about swimming!  The King and Prince offer 5  pools, with 3 in the main swimming area. These family-friendly pools are various sizes specifically created for young swimmers. The smaller pools are 1 foot and 3 feet deep. I also liked the pool area had an umbrella-covered sandpit for the younger kids to play nearby. This is a wonderful feature for families who have kids interested in different activities.

King and Prince Resort St. Simons Island
King and Prince Resort St. Simons Island

Steps away from the pool is the ocean. The ocean here is not as clear as it may be in other areas, due to the river waters mixing in. It is still perfectly safe to swim in, however. I also found it was not as salty. A note about the tides on St. Simons Island: The tides here are bigger than areas you may be used to, up to an 8-foot change between high and low.  They also are more frequent than in some areas. While this makes for an excellent digging and sandy area, be careful not to venture too far out to the sand bars, else you may get stuck.

I recommend downloading a Tides app on your phone so you can note high and low tides for the area you’re in.

King and Prince Resort St. Simons Island


The King and Prince has one full-service restaurant on-site, as well as in-room dining, and a poolside snack bar. ECHO, named for the naval radar station, is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Chef James Flack has been a part of ECHO’s menu creation since 2013. He focuses highly on locally sourced food, especially seafood. Growing up in the Golden Isle area, Chef Flack understands the local food, culture, and tradition of not just the King and Prince Resort, but the entire area. Everything I tried during my stay was well crafted, visually appealing, and delicious.

The menus offer many seafood dishes, as well as bison and chicken dinners. While no kids menu items are listed, the staff will accommodate any special requests for your family.

King and Prince Resort St. Simons Island

Why Stay?

The King and Prince Resort is full of rich tradition and history and can be anything you wish it to be. A luxurious upscale retreat with a full-service spa, a girls getaway, or a family-friendly beach vacation, depending on which room and amenities you take advantage of. The resort is clean, well landscaped and decorated. The staff is friendly. Consider the King & Prince as an add on to your next Southern Georgia vacation.

King and Prince Resort St. Simons Island

The King and Prince resort guests frequently return year after year. Discover why on your next family vacation!

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(Some Photos courtesy of the King & Prince Resort)

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