Orlando Tree Trek Is A Thrilling Family Friendly Adventure

mom daughter and son after a climb at Orlando Tree Trek

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Orlando Tree Trek is more than just a zip line course in Orlando, FL. It’s an exciting, challenging, fun, and unique way to spend the day with family.

I like to do something active with the family, so for Mother’s Day, I chose to spend it among the treetops at Orlando Tree Trek. Keep reading to see how each of us did on the course, as it was fun, but certainly challenging.

Orlando Tree Trek sponsored our visit to the adventure park. All opinions are my own.


First things first. Is Orlando Tree Trek safe for kids? The answer is yes. While they have a kid’s course with 21 challenges, the four of us did the adult course. According to their website, children must be 7-8 to do the kid’s course. Why the age range? Because safety is based on height and reach. Children must be able to reach the harness cord at a height of 4’7″.

If you’ve never done a ropes course, zip lines, rock climbing, etc., you may wonder about the harness. At the Adventure Park, they demonstrate the safety features before you’re allowed to participate. You’re harnessed in through each leg and around the waist so that you have the ability to “sit” through the zip lines. Secondly, you clip in twice to the harness lines. You can never unclip both at once unless you’re on the ground and using the special hook.

Because of this double hooking, I always felt safe for both me and the kids.

If you have younger ones on the kid’s course, at least one parent will need to walk the course below to supervise.

The kids and I in our gear

Ropes Course

There are four adult courses to complete. Each one is made up of a combination of wooden and ropes “obstacles” that lead you from tree to tree. There are 97 aerial challenges overall. Some are what you’d expect a traditional ropes course would be, such as a wooden bridge or triangular rope net bridge. Others are more inventive. My favorite was a skateboard-like slide across a suspended bridge.

In addition, there are a few climbs, such as a rope swing across to a rope net climb. Another is a rock wall climb.



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As mentioned there are four ropes and obstacle courses. The ropes courses get more difficult with each section. All courses end with a zip line.

There is a separate course for kids 7-8. For kids ages 9-11, they can do the first 3 courses. If you get to the end of a course and decide not to move on, you can walk the course under your friends or family. Gloria decided not to do the last course and took pictures of us instead.

The courses are as follows:

  • Green = Minimum Elevation/Minimum Skill
  • Blue = Medium Elevation/ Medium Skill
  • Silver = Advanced Elevation/Medium Skill
  • Red = Advanced Elevation/Advanced Skill

If you don’t want to participate at all, you can use the walking trails to watch your friends and family.

Adults average 2-3 hours to complete all four courses, and that was our experience as well.

Climbing up the red course with guide at Orlando Tree Trek
The guides are always around


If you get to the middle of a course and decide you just can’t go on, a guide will come through and evacuate you down. This is down by creating a harness to lower you down off the course. Once you’re evacuated, they will not allow you to go back up. As the courses become more difficult, it wouldn’t be wise to quit and want to try later in the course.

Additionally, if there is severe weather in the area, the guides can evacuate you. Lightning is not your friend in a treetop! Climbers will return to the covered waiting area to wait out the rain. Note that in Florida, storms often pass quickly. If the storm doesn’t appear to clear soon, you may request a rain check for the remainder of your climb.

This happened to us when I was in the middle of the last course. It was slow going and I was not going to make it to the end before the storms rolled in. Truthfully, I was glad at that point because it was becoming increasingly difficult, but I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it!

I waited at one of the platforms and a guide assisted me in lowering a rope to descend. It was easy and I made it to the deck before the rain came.

Boy climbing a ropes course


At the time of this article pricing is as follows:

  • Adults (age 12 and up) – $54.95
  • Juniors (9-11 based on height – $39.95
  • Kids Courses (ages 7-8) – $32.95
  • Gloves $2 per person
  • Water Package $4 per person
Night climbs at Orlando Tree Trek are available Friday and Saturday with evening departures at 6, 6:30 and 7 p.m.
Those with night passes will be able to explore three courses (Green, Blue, and Silver) plus get two rides down our giant 425’ twin zip lines. Tickets are $44.95 and intended for those 9 and older who can reach a height of 5’9” while standing flat on the ground.

What to Bring/Wear

Wear comfortable clothing and close-toed shoes, preferably sneakers. I would recommend activewear as you want something easy to move in and you likely will sweat. It was May and we were sweaty at the end.

I’d also recommend a buff or bana to keep the sun off your head without wearing a hat.

Bring Climbing gloves if you have them. If not, they sell them.

A Cell Phone Strap to take pictures at the tree stands. You can have it in your pocket, but I’d be afraid of it slipping out.

A Cell Phone Ring – If you don’t do the wrist strap and opt to keep it in your pocket, I love my cell phone ring to keep it securely in my hand.

A GoPro Camera and Harness Strap to get all the active videos.

Buy the Water Package. It’s Florida, it’s hot, you will get thirsty and you need to be hydrated. It’s too hard to have a water bottle with the rest of your gear.

Overall Review of Orlando Tree Trek

All in all, we had an amazing time. Gloria dropped out after the third course and I was gladly evacuated in the middle of the fourth course. (I could have made it I swear!). Noah and Wally made it to the end, but we all were unable to do the grand finale zip line. We have rainchecks just to do the zip line so we will be back.

I would recommend a visit to Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park. It’s an incredible activity to do with teenagers and I know both of mine felt proud of accomplishing the courses, even making the decision to not continue.

family on platform of a ropes course

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  1. I’ve wanted to try this one for a long time. May have to wait for summer break to take Josh as this seems more fun to do with other people than flying solo. 😉 And yes, I’ll get the water package.

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