Sun Dek Beach House – A Vintage Style Resort with Modern Class

Sun Dek Beach House Review

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Tucked away in an affluent residential neighborhood is Sun Dek Beach House in Ocean Ridge, Florida.

I can’t think of a better way to feel local yet still have all the comforts and amenities of a hotel than by staying at a place such as the Sun Dek. Plus, Ocean Ridge is central to many popular areas in South East Florida. Located in Palm Beach County, Sun Dek Beach House is near Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, and Delray Beach among the more populous areas.

We stayed here for two nights in June and I fell in love with the vintage decor.

Sun Dek Beach House review

Normally when you hear vintage, you think old. However there’s vintage that hearkens back to a glory age of travel.  The decor is what I’d call vintage beach surf shack. The I liked the beachy touches without it feeling kitschy. The base of the counter was lined with the metal ridge you might find at a surf shack – though thankfully not decorated with bumper stickers. The paintings reflect the boardwalk-style pageantry of the early 20th century.


Our room had a fully stocked modern kitchen with a full-size refrigerator, stove and microwave and an apartment size dishwasher.

We stayed in a one-bedroom with a  fold-out couch for the kids. The bed was comfy and the pillows were not those overly stuffed ones you often find in hotels because they think they are comfortable. I’m a stomach sleeper and can’t stand a pillow that lifts my head too much. These were light and lofty without being too much.

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The exterior of the hotel reminds me of a classic style motel. It’s a U-shaped building, which makes every room visible from the central location. The central pavilion is large enough for a gathering spot for friends and family. I imagine the Sun Dek as an ideal hotel for family reunions with close proximity to everyone, yet every family in individual rooms. I’m in the process of planning a group beach trip for 4 families, 15 people in total, and I can see how this would be a perfect location.

The meticulously manicured lawn and surrounding landscaping were a verdant green. I liked how it felt like a tropical oasis in the hidden corners of the property.

The pool is a saltwater pool. A saltwater pool does not use/need chlorine but does not have that salty taste you get from the ocean. A little tip, there are beach toys and pool noodles in the laundry room available for guest use. The pool is from 4-8 feet, so if you have new or hesitant swimmers, be sure to bring or get flotation devices suitable for little ones. There isn’t a wading or entry-level.

Sun Dek-17

Sun Dek-15 Sun Dek-14 Sun Dek-13 Sun Dek-12 Sun Dek-11-2 Sun Dek-8-3 Sun Dek-9-3


Sun Dek-10-2


The beach is across the street through an enchanted jungle walk. The walk isn’t far and across the street, but the traffic across the street is light and we never had to wait in order to cross.

We were there during turtle nesting season and saw plenty of nests and tracks. Unfortunately, we did not see any mama turtles. We did trek over there after dark both nights, but it was overcast during our stay and we could not see the moon.

The beach area was quiet and private since most of the surrounding buildings were residential. The water was crystal clear, the clearest I’ve seen in Florida. I could wade out 5 feet deep and still see my toes. We collected a few more shells and overall had a nice time on the beach.


The Sun Dek Beach House earned a Trip Advisor certificate of excellence as well as award for best guest reviews. The property has 13 one-bedrooms, 2 two-bedrooms, and 2 studios.

We enjoyed our relaxing stay at the Sun Dek and look forward to visiting the area again soon.


Our stay was sponsored by Sun Dek Beach House. However, all opinions are my own.

8 thoughts on “Sun Dek Beach House – A Vintage Style Resort with Modern Class”

  1. This is a lovely place and has a right blend of old world charm and elegance and at the same time I understand it has all the requisite modern trappings. We love to stay in these kind of places.

  2. Michele Peterson

    I love the palm trees and retro vibe. The Sun Dek Beach House in Ocean Ridge, Florida is on my radar!

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! love the photos and looks like ya’ll had a great time! I always feel like you can’t go wrong with a beach house!

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