24 Sweet Treats You Can Only Eat at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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One of the most magical parts of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios is the incredible amount of sweet treats directly from the movies and books. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter food like we are, you’ll definitely feel like a wizard in a Honeydukes shop, because it’s all there!

And speaking of Honeydukes, most of these items can be found here in Hogsmeade, or at the Sweet Shop in Diagon Alley, Some of the others are scattered through the two lands.

Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean

So I cheated just a little. This one you can get elsewhere. I’ve seen Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean sold in small packs at Halloween. But it’s such an iconic food from the movies I had to include it. Plus, Honeydukes has a large window display devoted to them.

Harry Potter Food Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean

Let’s just hope you don’t have this happen.

Harry Potter Food Earwax Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean

Sugar Quill Lollipop

Nothing better than writing with these quills.

Harry Potter Food Sugar Quill

Jelly Slugs

Eat Slugs

These would be the only slugs I wish anyone to eat.

Harry Potter Food Jelly Slugs

Cauldron Cakes

Take this home and you can make more of your own!

Harry Potter Food Cauldron Cakes

Gilly Water

Fortunately this Gilly Water is not like Gillyweed. You won’t grow gills after drinking it! Gilly Water is plain water, but if you buy one of the sweetly flavored potions,  it turns into a sweet treat.

Harry Potter Food Gilly Water

Harry Potter Food Gilly Water

Pumpkin Juice

Another sweet to drink, pumpkin juice. It tastes like a mix of apple and pumpkin with pumpkin spices.

Harry Potter Food Pumpkin Juice


I’m not sure who thought this was funny, probably Fred and George!

Pepper Imps

Spicy cinnamon, think Red Hots

Harry Potter Food Pepper Imps

Pink Coconut Ice

Harry Potter Pink Coconut Ice

Ton-Tongue Toffee

You may be tongue-tied after eating this!

Harry Potter Food Ton Tongue Toffee

Jumping Snakes

I’m not sure what mint flavored snakes taste like but sounds fun.

Harry Potter Food Jumping Snakes

Chocolate Frogs

Fortunately for you, these frogs won’t jump out the window. They do come with the collectible card, however. At the time of this writing, there were 6 different wizards you could collect.

Jumping Frogs

Harry Potter Food Chocolate Frogs

Exploding Bon Bons

These are one of our favorites.

Harry Potter Food Exploding Bon Bons

Fizzing Whizzbees

Harry Potter Food Fizzing Whizbees

Glacial Flakes

Harry Potter Food Glacial Snow Flakes


Spicy chocolate. If you haven’t given this a try, I highly recommend!

Harry Potter Food Shock o Choc

Peppermint Toads

One of my daughter’s favorites, mint chocolate.

Harry Potter Food Peppermint Toads

Fudge Flies

To feed your peppermint toads of course.

Harry Potter Food Fudge Flies

Chocolate Wand

To cast delicious spells with!

Harry Potter Food Chocolate Wand

Pumpkin Cake

These are everything pumpkin spice lovers love.

Harry Potter Food Pumpkin Cake

Pumpkin Pasty

it’s like your very own personal handheld pumpkin pie.

Harry Potter Food Pumpkin Pasty

Pretzel Wand

Like a chocolate wand, but crunchier!

Harry Potter Food Pretzel Chocolate Wand


Harry Potter Butterbeer

And of course, how could we leave out Butterbeer? This is perhaps the most sought-after sweet treat, in and out of Universal Studios. To discover everywhere you can drink, and eat, butterbeer, see my complete guide here.

Want even more Harry Potter food? Be sure to grab this cookbook to make sweet, and non-sweet alike dishes direct from the books.

24 Sweets You can only eat at theWiarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios

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