Review of Virtual Friends TV Show Tour in NYC

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Are you a fan of the show Friends? Even if you didn’t watch the show as it aired in the 90s, you’ve likely caught it on Netflix over the last few years. (And of course, might be subsequently sad it’s no longer on Netflix.) Well if you’re missing your friends, I have the perfect Friends TV Show Tour for you, and you don’t even have to leave your comfy couch.

On Location Tours in New York City has a virtual Friends Tour package that will make your day, your week, your month, and even your year!

We’ve toured with On Location Tours in New York City before and it’s one of my favorite things to recommend to do in NYC. I jumped at the chance when they offered a complimentary tour in exchange for a review of the Virtual Friends TV Show Tour.

Movie and TV Locations in NYC boy and girl in front of friends' apartment building

Friends TV Show Filming Locations

If you wanted to know, where was Friends filmed? Well, that would be a soundstage in California. While the show takes place in New York City, only the opening shot of the apartment building was actually filmed in NYC.

But, don’t let that deter you from this tour.

Ross, Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe, live, work, and play in New York City after all. This tour takes you to all the places you may find your favorite friends.

The tour takes you to 18 different locations around New York City. If you’re a fan of the who, you’ll love all the inside information about these locations. Plus, you get a virtual tour of New York that’s worth it.

Is There a Friends Tour in New York City?

Could you do this Friends Tour in New York City on your own? Maybe.

If you’re visiting New York City, On Location Tours does have a TV and Movie sites tour that includes the Friends Apartment building (see below.) You’ll also visit Washington Square Park and drive past many iconic sites.

Sure, you could probably google all the places you want to go and come up with your own tour, but why not let someone else do all that for you. Plus, you get a lot more info than you would likely on your own.

Where is the Friends Apartment Building

If you didn’t know, the Friends apartment building is a real building in New York City, however. It’s on the corner of Grove and Bedford streets in West Village.

This isn’t giving away any trade secrets by the way. If you search on Google maps, you’ll even find it listed as the Friends building.

The neat thing about the On Location Friends Virtual tour, however, is the behind-the-scenes facts about the apartment building. No, you don’t get to see inside, but you’ll learn the average price of rent!

And since we mentioned this is an actual New York City location, you’ll learn why the Bedford and Grove location was chosen as their apartment building.

Catch a sneak peek of On Location’s Friends Virtual Tour here.

Review of the Friends Virtual Tour

To prep for the tour, our family watched an hour’s worth of Friends TV Show bloopers on YouTube. We ordered our two pizzas and cheesecake and settled in on our not orange couch to watch the tour.

We did order the Friends Virtual Tour + Package, in which a special box full of goodies was sent to our home. I won’t give away the surprise, but I use some of the items now daily!

As an avid fan of the show, and a fan of New York City, I wasn’t sure if I’d get anything out of the tour. No offense to On Location, but I do my research when I visit a place.

However, I am delighted to say I learned a lot during the virtual tour. It was fun to hang with the family, eat our Joey special, and reminisce about Friends and our trips to New York City.

I would absolutely recommend this tour to anyone who misses their Friends, misses New York City, and just misses travel in general!

PS. I highly recommend adding on a Friends Trivia Night too. Seriously so much fun for the whole family. For $10, it’s a great way to spend a night in.

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