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Lately, we’ve been thinking about buying a pop-up camper. We love a good road trip and we know this would allow us to travel further. We could go big and get a massive RV, but we have reasons to keep it small. Along with my dreams of getting a camper come driving the all American road trip. And even though I don’t have the camper yet, you know I’m doing the planning. Here are a few of the books I either own or plan on buying… or plan on dropping hints for gifts (hello, Christmas and Birthday!)

Most of these books are great for planning any type of travel really. And quite a few I’ve used for our current travels, both road trip and air travel.

Places to See Before…

I love these lists type books because you can search the index by the geographical area you’re visiting. Recently on our trip to Boston, I used 500 Places to Take Your Kids before they Grow Up for ideas. It’s here I read about Old Ironsides. We may have missed it were it not for this book.

I also like the following:


It’s not a road trip if we’re not talking about driving. While I do love the interstate to get where we’re going fast, there’s a time to do some back road scenic drives too. These books are chock full of inspiration.

Sights to See

More than a generalized list book like above, these are specific to a genre. here you’ll find National Parks, State Parks, Off the Beaten Path attractions. I particularly like the New York Times book. This one gives you a weekend full of ideas across the USA and Canada. Truly more than just 36 hours, this is a full itinerary for escapes.


Road Food

When you’re on the road, ya gotta eat, right? While chain restaurants are safe and you know what you’re getting, why not try these family style, authentic road side attractions. Often, you can speak to the owner or a server who knows the area well. They are a fantastic resource for lodging and attraction recommendations.

More Inspiration

Of course, as I scoured the web, I found more books to serve as road trips and travel inspiration. Many of these are an All American Road Trip resource, others are just things to do at a location.

Before you go out on any road trip, make sure you prepare your car for a safe road trip. You may also like:


Inspiration, routes and food for the complete list of all american road trip books


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