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Are you looking for travel games that go beyond screens? Rather than handing the kids a device next time you travel by plane or by car, consider bringing along one of these 11 travel games that not only challenge and get kids moving but engages the whole family!

Moving Games

Just what do I mean by moving games? I mean games that get you moving. While it’s fun after a day of touring to sit and gather around the table or the campfire for the rest of the games listed here, sometimes you need to get the energy out.

We’ve recently discovered a game called Rox by A-Champs. While it’s a high tech game, and has an app, it’s really about getting kids to move. The game has a master sensor and a variety of “chips” called PEBBs. The PEBBs connect and interact with the sensor. You can play games called Beat Me (a race against the clock), Parkour (a race with obstacles), Dash (hide and seek) and more. Our favorite is Duel, where each kid has 3 or 4 PEBBs. The sensor plays a sound, and whoever has the matching one, has to race to the sensor.

This is a game kids can play anywhere. I like it for a long road trip just to stretch our legs and get some restless energy. A quick set up at a rest area playing Beat Me or Duel gives kids the chance to run around with a purpose. I also like this at the beach or a campground for the hide and seek function.

It’s conveniently packaged and easy to travel with. Learn more about A Champs and Rox here.

Board Games

Board games are great for family nights at home, but you can find a few great board games that travel well.

Magnetic Games This classic set of games has smaller boards, perfect for laps or in the seats between, and magnetic pieces. Great round up of games kids may know. If not, it’s a great way to start! Find them here.

Magnetic Board Game Set by GAMIE - Includes 12 Retro Fun Games - 5" Compact Design - Individually Boxed - Teaches Strategy & Focus - Great for Road Trip/ Travel/ Camping - Best Gift for Kids Ages 6+

Paper Games

Paper games are those travel games you can play with a simple piece of paper. Sometimes it’s printable, others it might be a book.

Mad Libs – Does anyone ever play this when they’re not traveling? Get yours here.

Tic Tak Toe – You can find printables, but I like making them in the margins of used

Paper Battleship– Play the classic game, but on paper. To be honest, this is probably the only time my kids play battleship, in the car. Print here.

Hangman – Another easy classic most kids know.

Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids: 300 Difficult Riddles And Brain Teasers Families Will Love by [Prefontaine, M.]

Riddles – As my kids have gotten older, they delight in stumping each other with riddles. And as they get smarter, the riddles need to be harder. I love this book that has 300 riddles and brain teasers. The great thing, if we only break it out for long road trips once or twice a year, we may even forget the riddles we’ve done! Find this and other great brain teasers here.

Card Games

Cards are easy to pack travel games. We almost always have a classic deck of cards or Uno with us for road trips or nights at the hotel. Here’s a list of a few of our favorites.

Rubber Neckers – This game is hours of fun for a long road trip. Each card features an action you have to do or something you have to see. For every card, you complete you earn a point. It’s best for kids who can read, or have someone help them. You can always change the rules to suit your family. Lots of laughs and great reviews on this one. Buy it here.

Clue Suspect Card Game - All The Fun of Clue - in Minutes!

Clue Card Game – If you love clue, you’ll love this quick card game version. Find it here.

Pictureka – This is an engaging game that’s easy to play for younger kids. It’s got 4 different games in one, which provides some variety no matter how often you play. Shop for it here.

Exploding Kittens Get it here.  – This game is a slightly demented version of Uno, but you will never have to reshuffle the deck. It involves some strategy. However, it gets us laughing every time! It will definitely mix up your typical card game.

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