Family-Friendly River Tubing in Florida – Kelly Park Rock Springs

Family-Friendly River Tubing

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If you’re looking for a unique experience in Central Florida, go where the locals go. Kelly Park, home to Rock Springs, is a perfect adventure for family-friendly river tubing in Florida.

Florida Springs

Rock Springs Run is one of Florida’s many beautiful natural springs. Florida springs are this incredible hidden gem. Surprisingly, there are more springs in Florida than any other state, they range in size and accessibility. The springs are not hot springs like in other areas. In fact, what draws most visitors, is the springs stay a cool 70 degrees year round. This is delightful when it’s 90+ degrees in the middle of summer.

Family-Friendly River Tubing in Florida

Many of the larger springs offer river tubing, swimming, snorkeling, and even scuba diving. What I liked about Kelly Park was the convenience for families. Rock Springs Run is a small flowing river spring within Kelly Park. The river has a gentle current that moves you along just as if you’re on a lazy river at a water park. While this river doesn’t go in one large circle like the water parks do, I found the entrance points not a far walk from the end of the line. In fact, I think the whole trip through the river takes 20-25 minutes, and walking back is between 10 and 15 minutes.

In the center of the run is a large swimming area, which also has easy and shallow access points. We’ve found that some of the Florida Springs swimming holes are deep, and entry is either diving right in or by ladder.

Family-Friendly River Tubing

Surrounding the swimming hole is large grassy hills with plenty of picnic tables and grills. A large pavilion is available for reservation. Beyond the hill are the bathrooms, showers and a concession area. The parking lot is beyond that and winds around many more picnic and playground areas.

Because it’s a short trip, there are no drives to access or exit points, plenty of picnic areas, bathrooms, showers, and a shallow swimming hole, Kelly Park & Rock Springs is the best place to find family-friendly river tubing in Florida.

Location and Hours

Kelly Park is located in Apopka, about 40 miles north of Walt Disney World. If you plan to visit, go early. The park often reaches capacity. Plan to wait in a traffic line for a bit. While it’s a well-run entrance, it does take time.

Family-Friendly River Tubing



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