How to Enjoy Boating on Authentic Florida Lakes

Florida Lakes

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If you have visited my site for any length of time, you’ll know I live in Florida and love exploring the outdoors. I know many people don’t think of Florida other than Walt Disney World, Miami and plenty of beaches. With a state this large however, we’re so much more than that.

It’s easy to enjoy boating on any of the Florida Lakes. Recently a friend of ours rented a pontoon boat to take out through the chain of lakes in Clermont, Florida. It was a treat to spend the day on the water, swimming from the boat and leisurely exploring the area with friends. 

Clermont is part of Lake County and yes, it really is full of lakes. That is actually one of the reasons we settled here, as I love being close to the water.

Florida Lakes Pontoon Boat Adventures

Our trip through the chain of lakes  is just one of many you can take here, where a series of lakes connect by channels and small canals. Each lake, though connected, was quite different. One connection took us through an overrun lily pad swamp, another through a mystical looking tunnel.


Florida Lakes Florida Lakes


We did swim in most of the lakes. As we were out in the center of the lake, I did not worry or see any alligators. They usually stay near the shorelines, hidden by the lilies and grasses. Plus, I had learned on our airboat tour that certain motors scare them away. As a majority of the lakes we were in had 2 or more boats,  that was enough noise.

Florida Lakes

Inland lakes in Florida also appear orange. This is due to the tannin in the lakes from the cypress trees. It isn’t harmful, but does cast this orange glow on the pictures I took of the kids.


Touring the lakes is easily an all day adventure and I would recommend planning for 4 hours or more if you want to see them all as well as swimming. In Clermont, you can also dock at a couple of the restaurants located along Lake Minneola to grab a bite, a drink and head back out.

Florida Lakes

Since you’re on a pontoon boat, you can easily pack a lunch, some drinks (adult of course!) and a few friends.

Florida Lakes

Pontoon and other boat rentals are a great way to explore what authentic Florida Lakes look like.  Clermont is about 30 minutes from Disney and renting a boat here gets you out and away from the crowds.


We rented our pontoon boat from Cypress Cove in Clermont, Florida.

florida lakes

How would you like to explore Authentic Florida?

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