You Don’t Need To Spend Your Entire Self-Catering Vacation Cooking

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Planning a self-catering vacation does not need to mean spending hours in the kitchen every day. If you plan your break carefully, you can reap all the benefits of self-catering, and still enjoy a relaxing vacation with the family. The most important part of planning your self-catering vacation is knowing what to take with you. You don’t want to pack the entire contents of your cupboards, but you also don’t want to end up buying copious amounts of things that you have a plentiful supply of back at home.

The key to getting this right is knowing what you are going to be cooking while you are away in your vacation rentals. While you don’t need to plan each meal down to the last detail it helps to know roughly what your family is most likely to want to eat. You also need to consider how much time you want to spend in the kitchen, and the basic ingredients you will need to achieve this. It can help to research the area around your self-catering accommodation. Are there any local markets, or foods that the area is well known for? As well as helping your budget go further, using locally sourced fresh produce can only add to the pleasure of your eating experience while you are away.

Finally, find out what is included in your self-catering accommodation. The likes of Oak Haven Resort lead the way in this regard. What preparation area will you have? What utensils and cooking equipment are included within the cottage? Again, knowing this in advance will help you plan effectively.

Choosing When To Cook And Eat

Self-catering has many benefits, regardless of whether you are traveling as a family, a workgroup, or friends setting out on an adventure. One of the main benefits is of course cost. Self-catering vacation rentals generally mean that your accommodation is cheaper, and depending on what you take with you, and where you buy your remaining supplies, this can also work out much cheaper than catered options. But, the freedom to choose where, when, and how to eat is also a major benefit of self-catering.

If you are traveling as a group you may all have very different eating habits, from those who prefer three square meals a day, to others who graze on snacks and fruit until dinner. This can be hard to fit into the prescriptive nature of a catered vacation. But, when you choose self-catering vacations, you can organize the kitchen routine around the different needs of your group. Self-catering vacations also reduce the risk of missing mealtimes because you want to travel further afield, or continue a day out. For those who are into golf or surfing, it also means not having to worry about fitting your T-times or surfing experience around the needs of the place you are staying. 

Self-catering vacation accommodation does not have to be all about cooking and eating at your accommodation either. When you are in charge of your food budget, you have greater opportunities to experience local cuisine and to eat at the places you are visiting. You can get a taste for locally sourced foods, experience different cooking styles, and find new ideas to take home with you. However, eating away from your accommodations does not have to mean eating in restaurants, it could include packing picnics for the beach or to have on your hiking trail. 

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