Why LA, Pourquoi Paris? – A Review and Giveaway

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When I’m not traveling, I love to read about travel. Do you do that too? Recently I had the opportunity to review an interesting coffee table style travel book, Why LA, Pourquoi Paris? The author, Diane Rarican, takes a side by side look into LA and Paris. along with the French and English text, exquisite illustrations pepper the pages.

The Book

Why LA, Pourquoi Paris explores the hidden depths and soul of two seemingly different cities, Los Angeles and Paris. Author Diane Ratican combines a compelling excavation of each metropolis with fun and fanciful artwork by Eric Giriat and Nick Lu.

Ratican describes her love for LA and Paris as she would the great loves of her life. Born and raised an Angelino, she spent many years in both locales. “Los Angeles is my husband and Paris is my lover,” she states, equally loving both, just in different ways.

Additionally, Ratican writes in both French and English. The two languages live side by side on the page. While I am an English reader, I have a small French education. I enjoyed reading the English, on the right column and glancing at the French in the left column to see what I understood.

The Art

Each chapter includes anywhere from 20-30 original art designs by Eric Giriat and Nick Lu. Each design is overlayed with quotes befitting the design describing either city. The illustrations, some of which you can see here, remind me of fashion drawings. Something which is befitting both cities. Paris, known for its leading fashion designers, and LA, where the world watches what the celebrities are wearing, are fashion centers. Giriat & Lu’s designs reflect that fashion sense. Additionally, the whimsical designs are bright, fun and

You can purchase the artwork in displayable prints through author’s Etsy Store.

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The Review

This book is not a one and done read. Much like the cities Ratican describes, this is a book to be enjoyed in amuse-bouche bites. Spend time pouring over images and quotes. Delight in the detailed descriptions of the impressive cities. At times the prose is a little dry, with comparisons reading like a simple list of details. Those details, however, will ring true with those who love these cities. The reader will also recognize these details from movies, television, and musical references.

Why LA, Pourquoi Paris – A Giveaway!

I’m pleased to offer one lucky reader a copy of Why LA, Pourquoi Paris. Contest runs until October 14, 2017.


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