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What You Can Place on a Roof Rack System

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When traveling, you probably have multiple ideas of what you want to do when you arrive at your destination. In preparation for these plans, you pack large and small items inside the car and on the roof rack. The roof rack system holds many items of various shapes and sizes; however, it has its limits on weight and measurements.

Its Limitations

Any gear used to hold items has limits for how much it will hold at once. Roof racks carry bikes, kayaks, and multiple other things that weigh up to 100 pounds. However, the roof rack won’t hold all these items at once.

Items with a cumbersome shape, such as a large ball or hoop, will pose a security challenge. Given the lack of corners and edges, using ropes or tethers to tie them down will have little effect or require reconfiguration. You need to choose your items wisely when learning what you can place on a roof rack system to prevent making mistakes with your roof rack when preparing to travel.

Biking Equipment

For those who enjoy a nice bike ride out of the city or on a bike trail some distance away, you can transport your bicycles with ease with your roof rack. The handles on the bike are sturdy and have a good grip, so when you secure them with cords, the handles will increase their security.

Rafts and Water Gear

Taking a trip to a lake or river will involve hauling the gear for water traversals, such as paddles, canoes, or kayaks. These items will move easily using the roof rack system, and depending on the size of your family, you will have enough room to take everything using only the roof rack system.

Camping Tents

No camping trip would be complete without a tent to sleep inside. Thankfully, a tent is one item you can place on a roof rack system. However, larger tents that need poles may require a more extensive roof rack with support ropes to keep them in place.

Hiking and Rock-Climbing Gear

Rock-climbing equipment, such as ropes, packs, and helmets, may take up room in the car. These items will stay secure on the roof while leaving room for other things, such as hiking poles.

The roof rack system is a great way to move luggage to different locations. As long as you stay aware of its limitations and capabilities, any trip you have will be a good one.

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