What To Add To Your Travel Check List

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When you’re going on vacation, the worse thing you want to do is leave something important behind. But, unfortunately, while some of us can pack without worrying about forgetting things behind, many of us are on the other boat. 

It only takes forgetting one crucial item, and you’ll find yourself starting what is meant to be a relaxing vacation on a sour note, and you don’t know how your travels will fair. The last thing you want to do is forget your booking details to the hotel sukhumvit that you booked, so it’s vital that you pack in a way that accounts for every possibility. And as traveling can already be stressful, you should add a few essential items to your travel checklist.  

Travel Documents 

If you leave home without any of these items, you won’t be going anywhere, whether it’s your passport, the plane or train tickets, or any other documents that are required to enter a different country or state. Forgetting travel documents is one sure way to have a ruined vacation.

 Despite what many people tend to believe nowadays, an airport or train station will not hold the train for you if you forget your passport or ticket. So add it to your travel checklist, and put your important documents into your carry-on bag right away. 

Travel Insurance 

It might be rare, but sometimes items are lost or stolen. And your bag is left unattended, it will be taken and destroyed. So, as you can imagine, travel insurance comes in handy. However, it is important that you take a closer look at your travel insurance policy before you decide to take it out. 

Most travel insurance policies have a list of what they typically do not cover. Some of the commonly excluded items are loss, theft, and medical expenses, which are covered by travel health insurance.


While most countries live in a card world, and in some countries, you can even use your phone to pay for goods and services while on vacation, not every country is sold on using banks cards instead of cash. Some countries don’t even allow you to use your own bank card from home. 

So, ensuring that you have currency for the country you’re going to visit is the best thing you can do. Checking the exchange rate can also help you understand more about the economy of the country you’re going to visit and how much you will need to take out before you go.   


Traveling can be enjoyable for some of us; however, it can be long and tiring, especially if you’re on a hot bus, train, or have a layover at an airport. Toiletries can help you feel fresh during your travels; items such as rags, towels, perfumes, deodorant, soap, tissues, and many more come in handy when you need to freshen up during your travels. 


We all know how important our phones are to us, and while the charger is a given while traveling, a power bank could be a lifesaver when your battery is running low. 

First Aid Items

Expect the unexpected; accidents can happen at any time, and packing a first aid kit or first aid items can help you to tackle any small medical issues that come your way. 

These are just a few things that you should add to your travel checklist.  

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