What Technology to Bring on your Trip

technology to bring on your trip

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There are two sides to the traveling coin when deciding what tech to bring with you when you’re traveling. I tend to fall on the more is better side when I travel. However, I can appreciate the simplicity of being completely immersed in the moment and living it rather than trying to capture it on film. Not to mention, there’s a difference in schlepping all your equipment through airport security versus my preferred way to travel by road.

Here’s what technology on a trip I typically have with me and why I love each piece.


I highly recommend a GoPro especially if you’re going to be doing any active pursuits while you travel. I have the GoPro 3+,  and I would not go any lower than that. This version has Wi-Fi so that you may see what you’re shooting on a smartphone. When I first tried it out, I wasn’t all that impressed, so I recommend purchasing at least a month before your big trip and experimenting with both the photos and the video options. As for photos, the GoPro does take beautiful shots but is limited compared to what my DSLR can do. However, if you’re crunched for space, you can get by with having just the GoPro. Don’t forget there are certain accessories you’ll want, like a tripod attachment, an extra battery and a battery charger. You don’t want to be stuck with the GoPro plugged into the wall to charge a battery, so these are worthwhile investments.

Gorilla Pod

This is the weird-looking contraption in my bag. It’s a bendy, short tripod that can attach to anything. It’s called a Gorilla Pod. The one I have is sturdy enough to hold my DLSR without the zoom lens and is perfect for the GoPro. It’s how I got shots like time-lapse sunsets and sunrise on our trip to Costa Rica.

Surface Pro

If I can, I try to go through and edit the photos I’m taking each evening. I categorize, file, and name the photos so that I don’t have thousands to edit when I return. As a blogger, this helps me find the photos I need to place in my blogs but also helps me set up photo albums for family members far away, create slideshows of our best pictures and hardcover albums for myself and children to share with friends. To do this I use two things while traveling, our Surface Pro and a Pocket External Drive. I use Adobe Lightroom to do quick edits and imports. I can upload into pre-sorted folders and rename quickly. The Surface Pro is great because it works like a laptop when I need it (and a super large kindle reader when I’m done editing) and is small enough to travel with. I back up with the external to save room on the Surface.

iPhone Camera

I know there are many extra apps and even attachments that you can use on your iPhone to make it work like a DLSR, but honestly, I still use it as a simple camera phone for when I don’t want to carry around anything big. Also works great to post my Instagram photos! I’m not necessarily pro iPhone over an Android phone, and I know there are some phones that may take better photos. This just happens to be what I own.

MyCharge Portable battery

I love love love my MyCharge portable battery and use it in my day-to-day life as well as on my travels. I particularly like this one because it will charge two devices at once and seems to last a long time. It does take a while to reload its charge, which I am sure any techie will tell me that is normal due to how much it can charge my devices. While traveling I plug it in every night and in the morning it’s ready to go. It gives my iPhone a quick boost but I can also plug in my portable battery charge and recharge my GoPro batteries on the go as well. And since those don’t last as long, the portable battery has been a lifesaver there.

Canon DSLR Camera

(Or any DSLR Camera)

My baby and third child is my big kahuna camera, a Canon DLSR camera. This Canon EOS Rebel T5 is a good start if you’ve never had a DSLR before. The benefits of a DSLR offers so many different functions. I like to take a lot of outdoor photography and the settings from macro close-up photos to blurred waterfalls can’t be beaten.

If you’re purchasing for the first time, I love this kit from Ritz Camera. It’s the same cost as the camera alone and comes with additional lenses, filters, flashes, and more.

And to carry it all in, I also really like my LowePro backpack. With a separate compartment for the camera and the extra space for incidentals, it’s the perfect camera bag.

What do you think? Is it too much or not enough tech equipment for traveling? I do try to get from out behind the lens from time to time to enjoy what’s going on around me. There’s a balance between living in the moment and capturing the moment to remember and share with others. What technology on a trip do you travel with?

What technology to bring on your trip. camera, laptop, camera equipment

4 thoughts on “What Technology to Bring on your Trip”

  1. Very interesting list and you really caught my attention with the gopro: i’ve read a lot about them recenlty and the fact that it’s first in your list really makes me thing they must be worth it!

    1. Marta I love love love my GoPro… in fact I wish I had gone with the more expensive version that has a screen on the back, but having an app on my phone works pretty well. I love taking it in the water for video and the time delay feature which I use to take oodles of sunset pictures. (I’m a bit addicted to those!) While I’m not a big fan of selfie sticks, I kind of want one for my GoPro to take better selfies with (I know, crazy!)

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