What do You Do When Your Travel Plans Get Canceled?

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It’s everywhere right now.

Actually, I hope it’s not everywhere right now, but it is certainly everywhere on the news.

And trust me… I don’t want to add to that… but…

What do you do when your travel plans get canceled due to an epidemic?

It’s happening a lot. I’ve seen travel conferences in Europe get canceled. Companies are putting a halt on business travel.

So, what do you do? For that matter, even if your travel plans get canceled or change because of something out of your control, what control do you have?

There are a couple of things you can do.

Number One – Buy Travel Insurance

Before you travel, consider buying travel insurance. This is more than just covering lost baggage and flight interruptions. Travel Insurance covers natural disasters and medical emergencies. This is above and beyond what your normal health insurance covers.

Get the Right Travel Insurance Plan

Not every plan covers epidemics. Read the fine print.

Read why we’ve used Travel Insurance even on a domestic road trip here.

Right now, many of their protection plans exclude losses by an epidemic but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Read Coverage FAQs here.

What about after You’ve Booked?

The good news is that after you’ve booked your travel and even if you’ve declined coverage directly from the airline or cruise, you can still add a policy.

What if your trip is canceled and you don’t have insurance?

You’re not 100% out of luck. Fortunately, most companies are issuing refunds due to cancelations. And if not, get your credit card involved. Many times your credit card offers purchase protection.

Additionally, you may just need to change the dates of your trip. Many suppliers don’t want to lose your money entirely, so a change date fee may be waived.

Should I still travel?

I am not a doctor. And I’m never going to tell you not to travel. You do you. It depends on so many factors that I couldn’t begin to help you decide what’s right for you and your family.

This has changed since I originally wrote this. Stay home for now.

What If I’m only traveling in the US? Or only Driving?

Again, you do you, boo. I do think you need travel insurance even if you’re driving domestically.

Do I need to Buy Travel Insurance for each trip?

Fortunately, no. Allianz Travel doe shave a yearly travel insurance plan for frequent travelers. It includes trip cancellations, emergencies, delays and more.

What if I want to cancel my trip?

Cancellation fees are a real possibility. However, if you can reschedule, those fees may be waived. Plus, if you call and explain, again, with a plan to reschedule, the airline or hotel may waive those fees. Finally, you again may have to get your credit card involved. They have a lot more power behind them than you do on your own.

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