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During 2020, when we were forced to slow down and not travel as often, I started to look for ways we could “travel” without leaving home. One of the things we did more often was cook from regions around the world. Additionally, I stumbled upon Universal Yums Subscription box and I thought I’d give it a try. four boxes later and I’m ready to give it a review.

The following is a review of the Universal Yums Subscription box, as well as answering frequently asked questions. If you purchase through my links, I’ll receive a small commission to support this blog, at no additional cost to you.

What is a Universal Yums Box?

Universal Yums, first and foremost, is a monthly snack subscription box. However, it’s more than that, as the snacks come from different countries around the world. To date, we’ve received snacks from the UK, Colombia, Egypt, and Russia. A pretty good mix in my opinion.

The best part is traveling around the world. We are doing what we love best, exploring and discovering other countries and culture through our Universal Yums Review.

box of snacks from the UK, from a universal yums review

What comes in the Universal Yums Box?

In short, snacks! It’s always a mix of sweet and savory snacks. We’ve enjoyed crunchy crisps from the UK, to full-size chocolate bars from Russia.

Additionally, and this is one of my favorite parts, each box comes with a booklet filled with trivia, recipes, and information about the country you’re traveling to. this is where the travel around the world from home comes well into play. Also in the booklet is information about each snack and why it was chosen to represent that country. For example, you wouldn’t expect orange to be a primarily Russian flavor, but we learned it’s part of their Christmas tradition.

girl reading flyer with a box of Universal Yums snacks

What about allergies or dietary restrictions?

Unfortunately, the boxes are what you see is what you get. They do not make accommodations for allergies or dietary restrictions, as I think that would make sourcing the snacks from other countries limited. However, each item is listed with the ingredients in English in the enclosed booklet.

Is Universal Yums Safe?

The boxes are packed and shipped from New Jersey. The company works with every vendor for full transparency and all items meet the US FDA guidelines.

girl eating cone shaped snacks on fingers

How long does a box last?

This is a great question. While in theory, a family of four could eat all the snacks in one sitting or one weekend, we do our best to spread our snacks out. We split each item, so we each get a sample of the unique flavor. On average, we can make a box last about 2 weeks, having a sample of a snack every couple of days. We do purchase the Yum Yum Box, which includes 12 plus snacks a month.

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    How Much is Universal Yums Per Month?

    There are three different options for the Universal Yums subscriptions.

    Yum Box

    • 6+ unique snacks in every box
    • 12-page guidebook with trivia & interactive games
    • Explore each country’s culture, history, music, and most importantly: food!
    • Perfect for game night with family or friends
    • $15 a month, Universal Yums Discount pre-pay for one year and get a month free.

    Yum Yum Box

    • 12+ unique snacks in every box
    • 16-page guidebook with trivia & games
    • Free shipping in the continental US
    • Cancel anytime with no hassle
    • $25 a month, Universal Yums Discount pre-pay for one year and get a month free

    Super Yum Box

    • 20+ unique snacks in every box
    • 16-page guidebook with trivia & interactive games
    • Explore each country’s culture, history, music, and most importantly: food!
    • Perfect for game night with family or friends

    When does my Universal Yums Subscription Box ship?

    We are based out of the United States, and this is our experience only. If you order at the beginning of the month, Universal Yums will bill you immediately and your box will ship on the 15th. We receive ours no later than the 20th each month, but often sooner.

    If you are a subscriber, billing happens around the 1st of the month, and ships out on the 15th.

    Universal Yums ships from New Jersey, so that may affect delivery times.

    We’re located in Florida and have never had a problem with product melting.

    Boy with bag of chips from Russia

    Verdict: Is Universal Yums Worth it?

    Our final Universal Yums Review? We have been very happy with our subscription and look forward to exploring a new country each month. The kids enjoy reading through the booklets and learning something new. We all enjoy tasting snacks that we wouldn’t’ get to otherwise. In short, yes, I think it’s worth it. I think the Yum Yum Box is a great size to get a little extra, without spending too much.

    Bonus. You can shop for single snack items here at the shop. Grab favorites from past boxes, or shop sales.

    Shop Universal Yums here

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    1. This is so cool! Universal Yums would be a great way to explore different parts of the world each month from the comfort of your own home. I’ll have to check it out!

    2. What a clever and fun way to travel and explore other cultures without leaving home! I would love to open up these boxes from Universal Yums!

    3. Universal Yums sounds wonderful. We love subscription boxes, food and travel so it would be perfect for our family. I have a feeling the boxes would not last long around here!

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