Top 4 Reasons to Travel With Your Child Now

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As we head into the new year, we will do a lot of travel planning. In fact, I took December off from travel just so we could slow down and enjoy the holiday. However, we also wanted to get ready for 2019 and make a plan of destinations, activities, and experiences we can have as a family. As we move further into high school with my children, it’s imperative we take all the opportunities. Want to learn more about why you should travel with your child now? That’s one reason for sure!

This week I’m pleased to feature a guest post from The 2 Idiots Travel Blog, AJ Ratani and Natasha Sandhir. They travel with their young son, Aarav, all over the world. They know, don’t wait. Travel with your child now. Toddler, teen. It doesn’t matter!

Our top 4 reasons to travel with your child now


What’s the first thing someone says to us after they learn we traveled around the world with our toddler? “How hard was that?!”


People are so surprised by our embarking on such an adventure with a 2-year-old, thinking it must have been a nightmare and very stressful. While there certainly were days that were no picnic, our worldwide vacation was anything but a nightmare. In fact, we had an amazing time and would do it all over again tomorrow.


Why should you travel with your young ones?



You will build your child’s adaptability and resilience.

Children definitely do like schedules – sleep, eat, play, nap, eat, play, sleep – but throwing a cog into the wheel every now and then helps your child adapt to changes more quickly. Our son learned to nap in his stroller, had poopy diapers changed on cobblestone streets when we were in a jam, and survived 39 flights without any major meltdowns. He simply adapted and followed our lead.



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You will build amazing memories as a family.

How many children get to say they spent 24 hours a day, seven days a week for 9 months with both of their parents? While we’re not saying everyone can or should take off like we did, even shorter vacations create a strong bond between families, and provides unbelievable memories you’ll be able to share. We’ll never forget our son saying “elephant” for the very first time while we were on an African safari. The memories really are priceless.


You will become more relaxed and flexible as parents.

There’s nothing like a three-hour delayed flight or a cranky child who just refuses to sit still during a quiet tour to make you realize there’s nothing you can do but be flexible. No point in getting angry; instead, you’ll learn how to relax and take things in stride, as well as how to make last-minute adjustments to make the most out of bad situations.


It’s easier than you think!

Your little kids don’t take up much space, which means they can share a room at a hotel or sit on your lap on a plane or train, which is cheaper than an additional bed or travel seat. Kids can ride in strollers at young ages, so it’s easy to get around new cities and attractions – and much of the time, they keep free admittance when they are younger than 5. In fact, we discovered so many reasons why it’s easier to travel with kids than ever before, we have an entire blog post on the subject!



No matter how much work it is to travel with a child, it is extremely rewarding. We promise you: you’ll love it, too!


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AJ Ratani and Natasha Sandhir traveled around the world with their son Aarav. Visiting 31 countries and six continents as a family, they documented their year-long travel and trips on their family travel blog. Visit their website for more tips and also follow the couple on their Instagram account.



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