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This is All the Travel Gear You Need for Summer Vacation

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Are you ready for your summer vacations? Got your packing lists together? There’s a lot to consider when packing up your summer travel gear. Here’s all the travel gear you need for a variety of trips this summer.

Summer Gear Sale

First and foremost, check out the 30% off summer sale over at REI. If you like to get outdoors for summer, this site has it all! Even if you’re not a big outdoors person, there’s still plenty you can get your hands to make your travel life easier. Hurry, this sale is only good through May 28th. 

Every Trip

The following is all the travel gear you need for every trip you take this summer, regardless of destination.

Planners or Journals

Look, we are all busy. And if we don’t write it down, chances are it’s just not going to happen. I have fallen in love with my new Erin Condren Life Planner and highly recommend it. You can start right away planning your summer vacations, as this has 12-month or 18-month versions that start in July.

Erin Condren also has travel journals that are perfect for your next trip. 

Portable Chargers

My new favorite charger is the 2-in-1 power bank from Rav Power. It not only charges your phone on the go, but it also serves as a wall adapter for charging. Plug it in to recharge itself and your phone all at the same time.

Beach Trip Travel Gear

Going to the Beach? These are your must-haves for a full day on the sand.

Pop Up Beach Tents

I love the easy tent seen here.

Beach Blankets

Consider getting a wide and easy to clean blanket that won’t stick to the sand.

Snorkel Masks

This is an all in one mask and snorkel that’s a lot of fun. Plus, it houses a GoPro Camera.

Boogie Boards

Sunscreen – We prefer a reef-friendly sunscreen. It’s not an option to go without on our fair skin, so we opt for environmentally friendly.

Baby Powder – Did you know that baby powder gets the sand off your skin? I always have a bottle of it in my car.

Amusement Park Travel Gear

Are you heading to a theme or amusement park this summer? For this, you need a good day bag and a comfortable pair of shoes. Here’s a couple of favorites from the REI sale that you should grab today.

And don’t forget some packable snacks to take with you to stay fed during the day.

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Road Trip Travel Gear

Are you heading out on the highway for some road trips this summer? The following are your must-haves for a road trip. You can certainly have a lot more gear on a road trip, as I’ve detailed in the Complete Road Trip Travel Guide.

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Outdoor Travel Gear

Are you heading out to some National Parks this summer? Even if you’re not a full-on hiker, you and your family need a couple of these items to take with you to make the best of your adventure.

Binoculars are a great addition to any outdoor adventure to bring you closer to the wildlife.

You also need to stay hydrated while out and about. Check out this waist pack that holds water bottles for you and the kids.

Photo Travel Gear

Capturing those memories this summer is the most important thing you can do. Remember, you get 18 summers if you’re lucky with those kids. Get every moment you can.


If you have not invested in a GoPro yet, now is the time. The Hero 6 is one of the latest models of GoPros and goes for around $399. You will find it’s about the same price no matter where you shop. The Hero 6 is waterproof, does video, photo, time-lapse and burst photos. It truly is your all in one camera. GoPro does have a few other camera styles, but I would start with the Hero line as it’s been around for a long time. It’s multi-functional.

Selfie Stick

You may not think you’re a selfie-stick kind of person, but you need one simply to get yourself in the shot with your family. A Selfie stick will give you a wider frame to fit everyone in. Don’t be left out of your own family photos. Be sure to pick one that has a Bluetooth remote. I recently bought this one and I love that it has a tripod so I could set up photos that don’t look like selfies either! Bonus, you can set a GoPro on it as well.

Mirrorless Camera

Mirrorless cameras are just a fancier term for a point and shoot camera, however, designated as mirrorless, makes them a higher end camera, similar to a DSLR. The biggest benefit, however, is their size. Smaller than the DSLR camera, a mirrorless may be easier to carry around a theme park.

Camera Strap

Be comfortable with your camera by investing in a new camera strap. Most camera straps are the cheapest part of the camera and can cut into your skin and stick to your hair. Yes, I’m speaking from experience. The best thing I did was get a new camera strap.


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