Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Travel For Sporting Events

Women in Ford Expedition in front of Orlando City Stadium for sporitng events travel

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Does your family have a favorite sport? For us, it’s football, both American and soccer. My husband has long been a football fan, and after over ten years of playing soccer, my son is really into the game. So when we get to travel to attend sporting events, it combines both of our loves.

If you’ve never traveled to attend a sporting event, here are a few reasons why you should consider adding it to your next vacation.

Southern Ford Dealers and Mullinax Ford hooked us up with a Ford Escape and tickets to a soccer game. All opinions are my own.

Is your “home” team even close to your home? For many of us, even watching our favorite team may mean an hour drive or more to the city. I consider this a day trip and worthy of calling it to travel. Even with a day trip, we try to explore something new via a restaurant or another activity nearby.

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Getting into the Local Community

Attending sporting events is one of the fastest ways to get to view first hand what the local community is like. Every sport has a particular fan culture, and you while you get a taste of it on television, it’s nothing like experiencing it firsthand. You also have the chance to taste the local flavors of that city. Most stadiums and arenas feature specialties of the area.

Better than on TV

And speaking of television, attending sporting events live is always better. There’s something special about the energy and excitement of the cheering crowd. Additionally, there’s always more happening than what you see on TV. Commercial breaks and half time entertainment for one also give you more of the local festiveness.

women girl man boy family in Orlando City Soccer Stadium sporting events travel

Meet your Favorite Players

Before or after the game, fans sometimes get the chance to meet their favorite players. While you probably won’t get to wait in the tunnel to get a jersey from Mean Joe Greene (who gets this reference?), you may see the players on the field or court before the game. Or they’re happy to celebrate a win with fans after.

Find out from the stadium if any of the players will sign autographs.

Away Games

This is really the reason to go to away games, the travel!

Okay, maybe I’ll use any excuse to travel. But why not travel for the sake of your favorite team?

Get to see a new stadium or a new arena. Try new local foods and meet up with your community of fans.

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Tailgating is another way to connect with the community of fans, and another fun reason to travel for sporting events.

If you have a truck, like the new Ford F150, the tailgate is actually remote operated, making it easy for anyone to lift or lower.

My favorite, the Ford Flex, offers third-row seats that flip back to become tailgate seats.

Other features like entertainment systems and vehicle Wi-Fi allow you to watch the game while tailgating even if you don’t have tickets to the big game.

children in tailgate seats in the back of a Ford Flex sporting events travel


Worth Traveling For

These grand sporting events in the United States are definitely worth traveling for.

  1. World Cup Soccer – coming soon to the US in 2026.
  2. Olympics – in Los Angeles in 2028
  3. NBA Finals
  4. World Series
  5. Super Bowl
  6. Kentucky Derby
  7. The Masters
  8. Daytona 500

Save it for later!

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