Top 3 Best Scuba Diving Locations In North America

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North America is such a great place to go on vacation as there are loads of fantastic and unknown things to do. When you think about vacationing around this continent, your mind wanders to typical ideas – like visiting theme parks, seeing historical sites, going to NYC, and so on. 

But, the US and North America have far more to offer, including some adventurous ideas that are fun for the whole family. Scuba diving is one of those things, offering you and your children a chance to dive below the water and marvel at the natural marine life across this region. You don’t usually associate North America with scuba diving, but it is extremely popular in certain places. 

Speaking of which, here are the best places to go scuba diving in this region:

Channel Islands, California

Over in California, you’ll find a collection of beautiful places that make up the Channel Islands National Park. This includes San Miguel, Anacapa, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, and Santa Rosa. Here, you get to enjoy one of the most exciting scuba diving experiences in North America. The climate here is unique, with water from the north and south combining to create an environment that’s perfect for marine life. The waters are so clear as well, making this a perfect place to scuba dive with excellent visibility. You’ll see things from sea lions and seals to coral reefs – and even a few small shipwrecks!

Gran Cenote, Mexico

In Mexico, there are plenty of scuba diving opportunities for you to explore. However, Gran Cenote is one that stands out from the crowd for its stunning cavern dives. Of course, as you should be aware, you will need to have a scuba diving license before you attempt any dives. Places like Dip ‘N Dive provide courses throughout North America, so you can get your certificate quite quickly. If you need to do this, then Gran Cenote is one of the best places to go straight away as it is perfect for beginners. The waters are quite shallow and clear, giving a great introduction to scuba diving. You’ll see unique and wonderful rock formations in this cavern, as well as stunning water and interesting aquatic life. 

Monterey Bay, California

Yes, we’re back in California again, and it’s because this place has so many diving opportunities. Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is a must-visit for any scuba diver. Here, you see a marine habitat like no other, with only 30 divers allowed per day. The reason for this is to keep the natural habitat as clean and undisrupted as possible, leading to sights you won’t find anywhere else on the North American shores. We’re talking leopard sharks, harbor seals, and many other animals. There are loads of different areas to dive around this bay, meaning it caters to people of all abilities. Whether it’s your first dive or your fiftieth, there’s something here to tickle your fancy. 

Scuba diving is extremely fun if you’re looking for a way to enjoy the natural wonders of the world. North America might not be known for it, but there are plenty of stunning locations around the continent that are well worth checking out. 

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