Tips on How To Get Faster Internet While Traveling


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Finding a reliable internet connection can be challenging if you are constantly on the go, especially in remote areas and crowded cities. These tips on how to get faster internet while traveling can improve your speed with a reliable, steady connection.

Connect With an Ethernet Cord

In optimal circumstances, wireless connections work as designed. Unfortunately, circumstances are seldom optimal, particularly in densely populated regions.

Any time there are multiple wireless connections available to you, that’s a strong indicator that your internet connection won’t work because of network interference. 

Switching to a hardwire connection with an ethernet cable, if applicable, is a quick fix to circumvent this dilemma. Not all computers have an ethernet port, but they should have USB access. You can purchase a USB attachment with an ethernet port for almost any device.

Move Around the Area

While it may seem insignificant, moving around might significantly impact your WiFi signal. Other electronic devices may cause EMI (electromagnetic interference,) weakening your wireless signal. Additionally, walls and doors might block the signal from being effective. 

While you may look silly wandering around holding your device to the sky, it may be the difference between sending that e-mail or not responding.

Use a Travel Router

A travel router connects cellphones, tablets, and other electronics to a powerful WiFi network for those not traveling with a PC. The most advanced models include capabilities like signal boosting from an existing WiFi network to provide faster speeds on whatever device you’re using.

Usually, you can connect to the WiFi using a web browser, and then place the router wherever the strongest WiFi signal exists to do its job.

Purchase a Wireless Card

Buying an external WiFi card is vital for laptop owners. The best options feature more robust transmitters and antennas that extend far further than the one in your laptop, resulting in enhanced, more dependable wireless connections. External wireless cards frequently enable you to connect to networks that you would not otherwise be able to discover, let alone connect.

Keep Your Device Charged

The most straightforward advice is to connect your laptop to a power outlet. When a computer runs on battery power, the wireless card’s strength is slightly reduced to preserve battery life. That’s fantastic if you want to spend more time in front of the screen, but it isn’t very nice if you want a strong WiFi connection.

Plug in your power cable, and you may find that you also have a stronger internet connection. Power outlets and strong internet access are just a few amenities to look for when choosing lodging and transportation options.  

Using these tips on how to get faster internet while traveling will limit your frustrations on the road. It can feel helpless to see that buffering circle keep spinning, but these solutions should have you streaming in no time.

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