Tips for a Successful Family Road Trip With the Little Ones

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Family trips create real bonding moments and memories that’ll last a lifetime. However, on road trips, extended periods of sitting in the same position don’t seem that enticing to a kid. From cranky tantrums to boredom breakdowns, traveling with a young child comes with numerous challenges. Here are three tips for a successful family road trip with the little ones and how to keep them happy throughout the drive.

Provide Entertainment

Whether you are a 2-year-old child or an adult in your mid-30s, no one likes to twiddle their thumbs and stay confined for a long time. Children run on a different clock than the rest of the world. A couple of minutes to them could feel like multiple hours, making an hour-long drive seem like a whole-day excursion. Providing them with entertainment keeps your little ones occupied and makes them feel like they aren’t wasting precious moments simply sitting in a moving box. There are numerous ways to entertain your kids in the car, like fixing them up with must-have road trip tech. The more distracted your kids are, the less FOMO they’ll face, and the more likely they will enjoy your family ride.

Stock Up on Snacks and Drinks

Hanger—anger caused by hunger—is the number-one suspect of road trip tantrums. As the famous Super Bowl Snickers ad says, “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” Stocking up on snacks and drinks ensures you and your kids stay satiated and happy throughout the drive. Popular road trip snacks include chips, crackers, and sandwiches. Make sure to avoid anything smelly or sticky. With stomachs filled and bodies fueled, hanger tantrums become a distant thought, no longer threatening your road trip peace.

Plan Breaks and Restroom Stops

Although many assume it’s better to get the trip over and done as fast as possible, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, frequent breaks and stops make the drive more enjoyable. Stopping every now and then gets you and your kids out of the car, giving you all a mental break and an opportunity to stretch your legs. It allows your little ones to relish a change of scenery, making them feel less trapped and more on board with the road trip adventure. Plus, regular and scheduled bathroom breaks help ensure you avoid bathroom accidents. It allows your kids to use the restroom while bathrooms are still accessible instead of on the freeway, where the nearest exit could be another couple of miles away.

Create memorable family moments with your little ones with a successful road trip excursion. No matter how long you drive or where you go, these three family road trip tips will prepare you for any adventure on the road.

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