Tips for Staying Comfortable While on a Bus

Tips for Staying Comfortable While on a Bus

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When a trip involves a long bus ride, consider these tips for staying comfortable while on a bus to give you some serenity.

Grab a Pillow

It’s not uncommon to toss and turn because you can’t get comfortable when you’re riding a bus. While some bus seats are more comfortable than others, it’s still challenging to get comfortable on the stiff seats. Pack a pillow and blanket for optimum comfort so you can relax along the way.

Comfort Over Style

Back in the day, many travelers dressed to the nines when they were traveling. While they looked stylish boarding a plane or bus, fancy clothes probably weren’t the most comfortable thing to wear while traveling. If you’re traveling with a group of familiar faces like a church group or if you’re on a class trip, you don’t need to show off your fashion sense.

Wear whatever feels best for you. Select items you can easily add or remove based on the temperature. Since the day after you leave the bus will undoubtedly be active, choose a pair of shoes great for walking.

Walk Around and Stretch

There’s a seventh-inning stretch in a baseball game for a reason. Sitting for long periods of time wreaks havoc on your body—most notably your back and neck. Getting your blood flowing helps relieve some discomfort, especially if your legs are starting to fall asleep. Space permitting, get up from your seat and walk the aisle when it’s convenient.

Wear Headphones

A pair of noise-canceling headphones is a lifesaver if you’ll be on a long trip with lots of people. There’s no better time to catch up on some podcasts or your favorite audiobook than a road trip. Good headphones muffle surrounding sounds, putting you in your own world. If you want to relax, listen to soothing sounds such as a steady rain simulation.

Play Some Games

While staring out into the wilderness can be fun, it can sometimes lose its appeal. Packing a deck of cards, travel board game, or video game device is an excellent way to keep your mind on things other than the long road ahead. You could also bring books to read, although there’s a possibility you could get a headache from trying to read while getting jarred from bumps or potholes in the road.

Pack Some Snacks

No matter where you are, you never want to feel hangry. The combination of hunger and irritation is never fun, especially if you’re on a trip. Bring some snacks with you and eating them will hold you over until you can eat a proper meal. Choose healthy options rather than cookies or other sweet things so you’ll feel satisfied longer.

Following these tips for staying comfortable while on a bus makes the long winding road more tolerable. Sometimes, a multiple-hour ride is a deterrent between you and a good time, so keep these ideas in mind. Then you’ll never get bored on your next road trip.

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