On The Road Again: Top Tips For Planning Post-COVID Travel

Places I want to go... a travel planning bucket list!

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In 2020, many of our travel plans were derailed by the appearance of a worldwide pandemic. It’s left us dreaming of warmer climates and margaritas on beaches. 

But now that the vaccine rollout is in full swing across the world, our dreams of travel are slowly becoming a reality. Being able to travel the world safely again is coming closer and closer each day. We might not be able to escape our four walls just yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start planning. 

Channel all of your travel dreams into planning your next big trip with these tips as a helping hand so you can get the most of your first trip post-COVID.

Save Now, Worry Never

No matter what type of trip you’re preparing for, it’ll need funds to make it a reality. Set a savings goal for your dream vacation, so you know what to aim for and start saving some coin. That might mean squirreling away any loose change or setting aside a certain amount of your wage each month. 

No matter how much you can manage to put aside for your trip, doing it now saves you desperately trying to find the funds when borders open back up. With most of us sequestering ourselves at home, an easy way to save some dollars is simply cooking at home. The pull of getting a takeaway is strong, but resist it now, and you can thank yourself later with a trip that’ll make even your future self jealous!

Be Wise About Your Destination Choice

The time you get off work to travel is jealous. And so are those funds you’ve nurtured and sacrificed for. Decide on what you want from your trip first. Is it all about getting acquainted with the local culinary culture? Do you want to immerse yourself in historical facts? Maybe you just want to while away your time sunbathing on a beautiful beach.

Deciding before you go looking helps you narrow down your search. And means you’ll be able to keep a tight rein on your budget. Don’t forget to think about how COVID might affect travel, even after vaccinations are doled out. Some places in Europe are discussing bringing in a COVID vaccination passport, and you wouldn’t be able to travel without one. Once you’ve narrowed down your destination, get on Google and do a bit of research into local government COVID travel policy. It’ll pay off later.

Figure Out WHEN You Want To Go

You might only be able to go when the kids break up from school. This tends to be more expensive as destinations hike up prices in anticipation of an influx of travelers. If you’re stuck with having to travel at a specific time, book in advance. You could save a pretty penny. 

If you’re free to go whenever suits you, make sure, you’re traveling to your destination at the perfect time. If you’re traveling to Japan, you might want to plan it around the fleeting two weeks of cherry blossom blooms. Or, if you’re looking for a winter wonderland, you’ll want to make sure you’re there when the snow is too. Be careful though, you might end up falling in love so much that you want to make the place your new home. 

Flying On A Budget

If you time it correctly, you can grab an absolute bargain. That’s because thousands of flights are reduced during specific periods of the year. So it’s worth thinking about flying when you’re deciding what time of year you want to go.

For cheap flights, package holidays can be your greatest ally. And roping in a travel company to organize the package holiday for you will not only save you time and effort. They’ll also do their best to get you the very best deal possible. They even have access to deals that aren’t available to us regular folk. 

When thinking about transport, it’s worth considering whether you want to explore off your own back when you get there. Motorhome and van rentals are great for this. But if you genuinely want to explore like it’s a home away from home, you could rope in auto transport services to do it in your own car. This might not be too friendly on the budget, though!

Additionally, you can save money by renting a motorbike instead of a car. Secure a quote before you travel to compare to traditional car rental. Alternatively, get a motorbike transport quote if you would prefer to travel with your own motorbike. 

Book For The Future And Be Flexible

Saing 2020 was unpredictable, is putting it lightly. And as the pandemic continues, our travel plans aren’t set in stone. Changes, delays, and interruptions are all genuine possibilities even as borders and restrictions ease. So travel insurance that covers COVID-related changes is an absolute must.

It also pays to be in the loop when it comes to cancellation and rebooking policies. So do a little research now and make sure you’ve got flexibility if the worst does happen. Maybe this all sounds a little gloomy, but it’s in aid of saving stress later. And being realistic about the fact that the pandemic isn’t done with us yet.

But even with the possibilities of cancellations and changes, you should still get excited about travel again! Having something fun to plan for the future does wonders for your mood. So get watching travel videos and start planning now!

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