Getting Away Over the Winter Holiday? Here are some tips for Holiday Travel

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One of the greatest things for travel planners is the last-minute package holiday deal. Going away is exciting at the best of times, but bringing that element of surprise to even yourself adds to the joy of it all.

Winter can be a depressing time for some. We are always reminded about the ‘joy of the Christmas season’ but for some, it’s really not the case. Sometimes, the best thing that one can do is get away from it all, escape the normalities of life, and go and see new things.

For the adventurous solo traveler, or the detail-oriented planner, here are some tips for travel over the winter season.  

Pack for the season 

This could be seen as a pretty obvious ‘tip’ however, with the stress and organization of Christmas, it can be hard to remember that sweaters and scarves are not the best choice of clothing for the beach. Lists help with packing, as do predicted weather reports. If you’re heading to the beach, make sure you have some warm clothing for landing back home, too!

Make Sure Your Home is Secure 

Imagine returning from a relaxing trip, ready to get back into the normalities of everyday life,  to see that your home has been broken into. With a few preventative measures in place, there will be limited space for error. Don’t tell social media. It’s fun to share life events with loved ones, but if this information gets into the wrong hands, there could be trouble. Save sharing your snaps until after you’re back. Timer switches that switch on after a certain hour can keep your home illuminated and give the illusion that people are home. Check door and window locks before leaving- Don’t forget your keys! 

Think, Money!

One of the downsides to booking a last-minute trip is not being able to prepare for money. Exchange rates can be a pain at the best of times. Don’t exchange money at the airport, as it is here that the exchange rates tend to increase tenfold. A simple way of keeping your money secure, while it involves some prior planning, is getting hold of a card linked to an app that does the exchange for you. If you’re a seasoned traveler, you can use these apps to help you to save for your spending money. They instantly transfer the money you’ve saved into the local currency. An easy way to stay secure. 

Be Flexible with Travel days 

Flights at Christmas can be incredibly expensive, that goes without saying. However, choosing to fly on Christmas day, or the day after, can save you some serious bucks. Keep an eye on flight comparison sites for the best deals. Who says you need to celebrate Christmas on December 25th anyway? 

Going away for the holidays can be a great way to spend time with those you love, within a different setting, but it doesn’t always require careful planning. Sometimes no plans are the best plans! 

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