Tips for Choosing a Comfortable Mattress for Camping

Tips for Choosing a Comfortable Mattress for Camping

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Camping gets a bad reputation for being uncomfortable. After all, who wants to sleep on the cold, hard ground? Finding ways to increase comfort without adding too much baggage is the key to improving your experience.

Sleeping bags aren’t the only way to snooze in the wild. Did you know you can purchase specialized mattresses that withstand a variety of conditions? Use these tips for choosing a comfortable camping mattress to upgrade your setup.

Look at All of Your Options

Camping beds come in all shapes and sizes. However, the two most common types are closed-foam and air mattresses. Each type has its own pros and cons; therefore, your perfect sleeping accessory will depend on your unique needs.

Closed-foam camping mattresses are cheaper and extremely lightweight. However, they offer less support than their counterpart. Air mattresses have a higher price tag but are more comfortable than closed-foam options—you can even invest in a self-inflating one to make setup a breeze.

Choose One That Travels Easily

When choosing a comfortable camping mattress, you need to think about convenience. Sleeping bags are the primary go-to because they’re portable and compact. However, the right camping mattress will also travel with ease.

Those traveling on foot should choose one that adds little to no extra weight. Alternatively, van and truck campers can get away with adding a little more bulk to their packs. Closed-foam mattresses are best for people who need to camp lightly, but if you can handle the additional pounds, air mattresses are the way to go.

Make Sure It Fits Your Space

None of this information means anything if your bedding doesn’t fit your space. Are you sleeping in a tent, in a vehicle, or under the stars? You’ll also need to ensure everyone can fit on one mattress or buy several for multiple people.

Some campers opt to buy a truck roof tent to get off the ground while still getting an authentic camping experience. If this is your preferred method, make sure your mattress fits the internal dimensions of the tent. If your sleeping arrangement sticks out, it can sustain damage and leave you vulnerable to the elements.

You should also consider your budget and commitment to maintenance before investing in a camping mattress. However, these accessories are worth the money when you realize how much better you and your family will sleep. Don’t settle for sore muscles and sleep-deprived campers; upgrade your sleeping arrangement to get the most out of your family travels.

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