Three Must-See Manhattan Sights for Your NYC Tour Checklist

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New York City has so much to see, most visitors find themselves planning a return visit before they’ve even left. No matter what interests you, you’ll find yourself immersed in opportunity, from sightseeing at historic locations to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city’s artistic landscape and its unique and ever-shifting culture. If you’re looking to position yourself for easy navigation throughout the city while you’re in town, check out for information about an iconic Midtown Manhattan hotel that is conveniently located near landmarks like the U.N. building and transportation hubs like Grand Central Station.

1. Times Square’s Diverse Attractions and Businesses

Times Square has been a major attraction for tourists for generations, and it has rarely been as vibrant and fun as it is today. With a range of professional street performers and local businesses and attractions, there’s a lot to see. It’s also the launching point for a lot of Manhattan foot tours, on practically any topic related to the city and its sights. You’ll want to find your tour group and book in advance to get the best rates and guarantee yourself a spot on the tours you most want to see, but you can find a little bit of everything, including walking tours of famous landmark skyscrapers like the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. Whether you’re looking for something oddball like a Ripley’s museum or something educational, you’ll find an option that’s in or near Times Square.



2. Grand Central Station’s Architecture

If you’re coming into the city by train, there’s a fair chance you’ll see this station whether you mean to or not, and that’s not a bad thing. As an iconic city landmark, its unique design has been featured in movies and TV shows for decades, and when you are there in person, it’s worth taking a moment to get a good look for yourself. The transportation hub is also a good launching point for sightseeing trips in far-flung parts of the city, so you can easily bundle a trip into other plans, and even if you are staying in Manhattan, it is worth the trip for yourself, especially if you’ve never been.



Movie and TV Locations in NYC boy and girl in front of friends' apartment building

3. Greenwich Village

Whether you’re looking for food and nightlife or you’re trying to see some of the cultural landmarks that define the city’s recent history, you’ll want to see the Village, and it’s just a short Uber trip from Grand Central and its nearby accommodations, making it easy to hop down while you’re making sure you see all the other sights that made Manhattan an attractive destination trip. There’s a lot of history in the Village, and its importance as a cultural center in the city has made it dear to a number of local and national subcultures, but you have to be in the place to really appreciate just how many worlds collide there and what kind of beauty emerges from those interactions.


Unwind in Another City Landmark After Busy Day

Nothing puts the finishing touch on a vacation like finding accommodations that bring you even closer to the spirit of a place, and in New York City, that means finding an iconic hotel with striking visuals in its interior design that put you in mind of the unique trends and movements that the city is known for. For that, you’ll want to explore this hotel near Grand Central.

Its iconic interior design brings out the best of metro-majestic city architecture, and its views make it one of the most iconic Midtown Manhattan hotels. You might even recognize it as a landmark in its own right because its striking 23-story facade is hard to miss as part of the view down 42nd street.




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