Things You Should Do When Checking Into a Hotel

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Nowadays, it is increasingly crucial for us to stay vigilant when traveling to old and new areas. It is surprising to think, but dangers can lurk even in the safety and comfort of our own rooms. However, there’s no need to be afraid when you remain aware. Read on to explore three things you should do when checking into your hotel or Airbnb.

Check the Lock

One of the first things you should do upon checking into your hotel room is to verify that your lock and deadbolt work. Double checking that the lock on our door works is something we might tend to forget, but that doesn’t lessen its importance. The lock is quite simple to check; go outside, close your door completely, and then attempt to open it without your key and give it some good force. If your door stays locked, then you are good to go.

During your stay, make sure you close your door completely—many of us assume the hotel door will close automatically, but sometimes it doesn’t shut or just closes too slowly. Always close the hotel door behind you the instant you enter the room; allowing it to close on its own may give an intruder enough time to sneak in behind you.

Check Your Bed

Before you even think about unpacking your luggage, you must check your bed for bed bugs; they are much more common than you might think. Moreover, they are incredibly contagious—if even a couple of bugs find their way onto your clothing, your entire home can fall victim to an infestation.

Pull back all linens, duvets, and sheets, and keep an eye out. It is also a great idea to check the mattress and shine a flashlight on any crevices or cracks. Signs of an infestation will appear as dark spots on your mattress or oval-shaped bugs.

Observe the Area

Lastly, it would be best to observe the area around you, looking out for anything that seems out of the ordinary; hidden cameras can easily lurk in the most unsuspecting places. Unfortunately, we must look out for secret devices, but thankfully, there are as many ways to protect your offline privacy as there are to protect your digital privacy.

When you are traveling, the first thing you should purchase is a hidden camera detector to help you ensure your privacy and security in your hotel room. What’s more, many detectors are quite compact, making them perfect for traveling. As you scan the room, go over each area diligently, paying extra attention to vents, fire alarms, and charging docks.

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