The Essential Cross-Country Hiking Equipment for Winter

The Essential Cross-Country Hiking Equipment for Winter

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When you’re traveling through the best wintertime hiking paths, you need the proper equipment for your safety. Going underprepared is extremely dangerous and can cost your life, so make sure you bring along the essential cross-country hiking equipment for winter. You can use this simple list for the basics of the equipment you’ll need on the trip.


The first thing every hiker needs is a good set of shoes for the terrain. Cold hiking paths often come with snow and ice as hazards, which is why you should bring snowshoes for the hike. These will help you stay on your feet during your excursion.

Walking Poles

Along with bringing a good pair of shoes, you should bring poles, like trekking poles or ski poles, that help you maintain balance in the snow. These can keep you out of the snow and increase your safety along the entire hiking path.

First Aid Kit

Even when it’s not a cold hike, you should still bring a first aid kit. This is vital, as accidents during a hike can be very dangerous, and medical responders will have a hard time helping you. A first aid kit might be all the help you can get during a hike.

Navigation Tools

Any trek into nature requires navigation for safe travels, so bring a physical map and a compass. The GPS tool on your phone typically only works well with proper connection, while a map works despite outside conditions. Getting lost is a serious problem on mountain hikes, so make sure you’ve packed the proper tools.

Day Pack

A day pack is a smaller backpack that’s capable of carrying all the tools you’ll need on a shorter hiking trip. It’s useful because normal backpacks can be heavy and weigh you down during your hikes. That’s why the day pack makes it onto the list of essential cross-country hiking equipment for winter.

Now, this list is just the equipment you should bring for a short hike on a path. It doesn’t include things like the food and water you should bring nor the different clothing you should pack and wear. It’s always best to be overprepared rather than underprepared, so take your unique situation into consideration.

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