The Best Places To See Wild Horses in the United States

The Best Places To See Wild Horses in the United States

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If you’re an avid horse lover or want to take an out-of-the-ordinary trip to see some of the world’s most majestic creatures, these destinations will delight you. Unlike domesticated horses, these free creatures have been roaming the wild west for generations. Understanding the history of wild horses in America will give you a better idea of how these creatures got here. Check out the best places to see wild horses in the United States if you have a need for adventure and a love of these gorgeous animals.

Virginia Range—Nevada

The first destination where you can view these horses in the wild is Virginia Range, nestled between Reno and Virginia City in Nevada. While you can find herds of wild horses throughout Nevada, Virginia Range is perhaps the most popular location. This area is home to about 2,000 majestic mustangs that roam wild and free. The Virginia Range trail just east of Reno is your best bet for spotting these stunning creatures in their natural habitat. There are also several guided tours available, including a photography tour, that allow you to enjoy an unforgettable experience of viewing these wild mustangs.


Dugway, Utah, is another brilliant location to visit if you want to catch a glimpse of America’s wild horses. The Onaqui herd of wild horses call the west desert of Dugway their home. This particular herd has about 450 horses ranging in color from bay to roan. Visitors to this area often spot these beauties in the Onaqui Mountains Herd Management Area and along the Davis Mountains. You can also see the wild horses between Simpson Springs and the Old River Bed channel that runs along the historic Pony Express Road, an old cross-country mail route.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park—North Dakota

Another superb destination for wild horse lovers is Theodore Roosevelt National Park in the Badlands of North Dakota. Divided into two separate units—the North Unit near Waterford City and the South Unit near Medora—this park is home to around 100 wild horses. You will most commonly find the herds grazing in the South Unit, so be sure to visit that region. You can also enjoy a gorgeous view of these breathtaking grays, pintos, and roans from the top of Buck Hill at the Painted Canyon Overlook.

Tonto National Forest—Arizona

Tonto National Forest in Phoenix, Arizona, is another worthwhile location to visit and is a favorite among photographers. This area is the home of the famous Salt River horses, which, if you’re lucky enough, you can see wading through the water or snacking on the eelgrass. You can even make a day excursion of kayaking along the river with the opportunity to see these wild wonders. Blue Point, Pebble Beach, and along the Water Users are the best places to spot the Salt River horses.

Now that you know the best destinations to see America’s wild horse, you can plan a full trip to enjoy this life-changing experience. And don’t forget to pack your camera!

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